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Ana W. Capuano

TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionRush University, Rush Medical College
DepartmentNeurological Sciences
Address1750 West Harrison St
Chicago IL 60612
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    2000Best statistical engineering international project, General Motors University
    2003Full Scholarship-Master Degree, Auburn University
    2005Nomination, Alpha Theta Chi Honor Society
    2005Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi
    2007Honor Society, Golden Key Honor Society
    2009Travel Award, American Statistical Association
    2010Travel Award, International Programs Graduate Student
    2010Training Program, Occupational Epidemiology
    2010Full Scholarship-PhD Degree, University of Iowa
    2014Travel Award, Eastern North American Region Diversity Workshop

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    Ana W. Capuano, MPS, MS, PhD, is assistant professor of neurological sciences and faculty statistician of the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Dr. Capuano received a master’s in probability and statistics, a master’s in biostatistics and a PhD focused in biostatistics in occupational and environmental health from the University of Iowa.

    Dr. Capuano serves as program chair for the Professional Interest Areas (PIA), an assembly of ISTAART (The Alzheimer's Association International Society to Advance Alzheimer's Research and Treatment) with over 304 Members from countries such as USA, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Costa Rica, Poland, Ireland and others. She authored over 65 original peer-reviewed publications, cited more than 2,800 times and had a recent i10-index (2013-2018) of 34. She worked on several international multi-language studies, including the International Study of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysm and studies for the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases. In 2012, she joined Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, where she collaborates with neurologists, neuroscientists and other researchers in the application of modern statistical methods in epidemiological studies and clinical trials that seek to understand environmental and behavioral risk factor for age-related conditions. Capuano’s methodological interests include non-linear mixed model, as well as constrained ordinal class of models and extensions.

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    1. Wilson RS, Yang J, Yu L, Leurgans SE, Capuano AW, Schneider JA, Bennett DA, Boyle PA. Postmortem neurodegenerative markers and trajectories of decline in cognitive systems. Neurology. 2019 Feb 19; 92(8):e831-e840. PMID: 30674595.
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    2. James BD, Wilson RS, Capuano AW, Boyle PA, Shah RC, Lamar M, Ely EW, Bennett DA, Schneider JA. Cognitive decline after elective and nonelective hospitalizations in older adults. Neurology. 2019 Feb 12; 92(7):e690-e699. PMID: 30635482.
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    3. Hill NL, Mogle J, Bhargava S, Whitaker E, Bhang IY, Capuano AW, Arvanitakis Z, Bennett DA, Barnes LL. Differences in the Associations between Memory Complaints and Depressive Symptoms among Black and White Older Adults. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci. 2018 Aug 09. PMID: 30102393.
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    4. Arvanitakis Z, Capuano AW, Lamar M, Shah RC, Barnes LL, Bennett DA, Schneider JA. Late-life blood pressure association with cerebrovascular and Alzheimer disease pathology. Neurology. 2018 Aug 07; 91(6):e517-e525. PMID: 29997190.
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    5. Rodrigues J, Capuano AW, Barnes LL, Bennett DA, Shah RC. Effect of Antidepressant Medication Use and Social Engagement on the Level of Depressive Symptoms in Community-Dwelling, Older African Americans and Whites With Dementia. J Aging Health. 2018 May 01; 898264318772983. PMID: 29742953.
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    6. Mocco J, Brown RD, Torner JC, Capuano AW, Fargen KM, Raghavan ML, Piepgras DG, Meissner I, Huston J. Aneurysm Morphology and Prediction of Rupture: An International Study of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms Analysis. Neurosurgery. 2018 04 01; 82(4):491-496. PMID: 28605486.
      View in: PubMed
    7. Wilson RS, Capuano AW, Yu L, Yang J, Kim N, Leurgans SE, Lamar M, Schneider JA, Bennett DA, Boyle PA. Neurodegenerative disease and cognitive retest learning. Neurobiol Aging. 2018 06; 66:122-130. PMID: 29558667.
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    8. Arvanitakis Z, Capuano AW, Bennett DA, Barnes LL. Body Mass Index and Decline in Cognitive Function in Older Black and White Persons. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2018 01 16; 73(2):198-203. PMID: 28961897.
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    9. Jansen WJ, Wilson RS, Visser PJ, Nag S, Schneider JA, James BD, Leurgans SE, Capuano AW, Bennett DA, Boyle PA. Age and the association of dementia-related pathology with trajectories of cognitive decline. Neurobiol Aging. 2018 01; 61:138-145. PMID: 29078129.
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    10. Wilson RS, Capuano AW, James BD, Amofa P, Arvanitakis Z, Shah R, Bennett DA, Boyle PA. Purpose in Life and Hospitalization for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions in Old Age. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2018 Mar; 26(3):364-374. PMID: 28780129.
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    11. Boyle PA, Yang J, Yu L, Leurgans SE, Capuano AW, Schneider JA, Wilson RS, Bennett DA. Varied effects of age-related neuropathologies on the trajectory of late life cognitive decline. Brain. 2017 03 01; 140(3):804-812. PMID: 28082297.
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    12. Pruzin JJ, Schneider JA, Capuano AW, Leurgans SE, Barnes LL, Ahima RS, Arnold SE, Bennett DA, Arvanitakis Z. Diabetes, Hemoglobin A1C, and Regional Alzheimer Disease and Infarct Pathology. Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord. 2017 Jan-Mar; 31(1):41-47. PMID: 27755004.
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    13. Turner AD, James BD, Capuano AW, Aggarwal NT, Barnes LL. Perceived Stress and Cognitive Decline in Different Cognitive Domains in a Cohort of Older African Americans. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2017 01; 25(1):25-34. PMID: 28231871.
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    15. Arfanakis K, Wilson RS, Barth CM, Capuano AW, Vasireddi A, Zhang S, Fleischman DA, Bennett DA. Cognitive activity, cognitive function, and brain diffusion characteristics in old age. Brain Imaging Behav. 2016 06; 10(2):455-63. PMID: 25982658.
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    16. Capuano AW, Wilson RS, Leurgans SE, Dawson JD, Bennett DA, Hedeker D. Sigmoidal mixed models for longitudinal data. Stat Methods Med Res. 2018 Mar; 27(3):863-875. PMID: 27130491.
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      View in: PubMed
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