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Sukriti Nag

InstitutionRush University, Rush Medical College
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    June - 2007Best oral presentation (with Dr. Jeff Donivan), Toronto Western Research Institute Research Day, June 2007
    2005Mary Tom Award (with Dr. Lili-Naz Hazrati), Canadian Associsation of Neuropathologists, St. John's, NL
    2000Recognition of teaching excellence, 3rd Annual Pathology Update, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathbiology, University of Toronto, November 2000
    1996Mary Tom Award (with Dr. Miriam Kim), Canadian Association of Neuropathologists
    1995Honourable mention for the Mary Tom Award (with Dr. Patrick SHannon), Canadian Association of Neuropathologists
    1992Outstanding Service Award, Kingston Rideau Trail Club
    1991Named Researcher of the Month, Kingston Branch of the Heart and Stroke Foundation
    1978 - 1987Research Scholarship, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario
    1986Honourable mention for Weil Award in Investigative Neuropathology, American Association of Neuropathologists
    1982First prize for best poster at Fifth International Symposium on Brain Edema, Groningen, The Netherlands
    1979Wild Leitz Junior Scientific Award, Canadia Association of Pathologists, Quebec City
    1977Fellowship, Medical Research Council of Canada
    1976Weil award for best paper in Investiagtive Neuropathology, American Association of Neuropathologists, San Francisco
    1966 - 1968Merit Scholarship, GSVM Medical College
    1967Gold Medal in Gynaecology and , GSVM Medical College
    1967Book Prize for second highest position in final MBBS exam , GSVM Medical College
    1966Gold Medal in Pathology and Bacteriaology, GSVM Medical College

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    Sukriti Nag is a Board-certified neuropathologist and professor of pathology (neuropathology) at the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center (RADC). She trained in anatomic pathology at Rhode Island Hospital (Brown University) Providence, R.I., and Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, and trained in neuropathology at Queen's University where she also obtained MSc and PhD degrees in the field of experimental neuropathology. Her grant-funded research initially at Queen’s University and later at the University of Toronto was in the area of the biology of cerebral endothelium and the reactivity of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) in health and disease with emphasis on the pathogenesis of BBB breakdown in CNS disorders. She has received several awards for her work. She started at the RADC in August of 2010. In addition to collaborative research, she provides the neuropathology diagnosis for brains received in 3 longitudinal studies of aging - the Rush Religious Orders Study, the Memory and Aging Project and the Minority Aging Research Project. Her research interests are neurodegenerative diseases, cerebrovascular diseases and the neurovascular unit (BBB).

    My Scopus ID is 7103093721.

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