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Academic Article Special edition: Inpatient psychiatric treatment: moving the science forward final.
Academic Article Registered nurse workforce trends for new entrants age 23-26: hope for the psychiatric nursing workforce shortage.
Academic Article Engagement as an Element of Safe Inpatient Psychiatric Environments.
Academic Article Risk: a concept analysis.
Academic Article Problematic interviewee behaviors in qualitative research.
Academic Article "It's the people that make the environment good or bad": the patient's experience of the acute care hospital environment.
Academic Article Nurse bait: strategies hospitalized patients use to entice nurses within the context of the interpersonal relationship.
Academic Article The ecology of bipolar disorder: the importance of sleep.
Academic Article Nursing students' career choices: a pilot study.
Academic Article The Scholarship of Engagement in nursing.
Academic Article Facilitating communication: how to truly understand what patients mean.
Academic Article Commentary on "a Chinese view of the Western nursing metaparadigm".
Academic Article The interpretive research group as an alternative to the interpersonal process recording.
Academic Article "She took the time to make sure she understood": mental health patients' experiences of being understood.
Academic Article Using an interpretive research group to teach communication and understanding in undergraduate psychiatric-mental health nursing students.
Academic Article Fallout from the biological model: implications for psychiatric mental health nurses.
Academic Article Boredom in acute psychiatric care.
Academic Article 'Take my hand, help me out': mental health service recipients' experience of the therapeutic relationship.
Academic Article Psychiatric clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, or the new practice doctorate: meeting patients' needs?
Academic Article Engaging students and faculty with diverse first-person experiences: use of an interpretive research group.
Academic Article "I have always felt different": the experience of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in childhood.
Academic Article Visual tracking strategies to move scholarship forward.
Academic Article Relationship skills building with older adults.
Academic Article Issues affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons.
Academic Article Advice to new graduates: get (at least) one year of psychiatric/mental health nursing experience before working in medical-surgical settings.
Academic Article Reflections of a "wounded healer".
Academic Article Why does "pain management" exclude psychic pain?
Academic Article Commentary on Special Issue on GLBT Mental Health.
Academic Article Nurses, mental health, and hard economic times.
Academic Article Clinical supervision and the well-being of the psychiatric nurse.
Academic Article "Nurses station" or "nursing station"? How to appropriately describe our work space in acute care?
Academic Article Mental illness in older adults.
Academic Article Older adults with bipolar disorder: guidelines for primary care providers.
Academic Article Authors' and editors' perspectives on peer review quality in three scholarly nursing journals.
Academic Article Strengthening mental health promotion: zeroing in on the workplace.
Academic Article Perspectives of college students on their childhood ADHD.
Academic Article "Psychiatric/mental health nursing" or "psychiatric-mental health nursing"?
Academic Article Using an honors program to engage undergraduate students in research.
Academic Article Treatment of persons with mental illness and substance use disorders in medical emergency departments in the United States.
Academic Article Working hard to relax: improving engagement in leisure time activities for a healthier work-life balance.
Academic Article Assault on nursing staff: blaming the victim, then and now.
Academic Article Enclosed versus open nursing stations in adult acute care psychiatric settings: does the design affect the therapeutic milieu?
Academic Article Sex work in trucking milieux: "lot lizards," truckers, and risk.
Academic Article The concept of "the will to thrive" in mental health.
Academic Article Mad pride: reflections on sociopolitical identity and mental diversity in the context of culturally competent psychiatric care.
Academic Article Engaging with voices: rethinking the clinical treatment of psychosis.
Academic Article "Cultural cognition": what mental health researchers and clinicians might learn from the climate change debate.
Academic Article Emerging theories for practice critical, participatory, ecological, and user-led: nursing scholarship and knowledge development of the future.
Academic Article Culturally competent practice in a pre-licensure baccalaureate nursing program in the United States: a mixed-methods study.
Academic Article Nursing silent on LGBTQ health: rebel nurses provide hope.
Academic Article Nursing students' attitudes about psychiatric mental health nursing.
Academic Article Video games as nursing interventions.
Academic Article How Patients and Nurses Experience an Open Versus an Enclosed Nursing Station on an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.
Academic Article Hope and Mental Health Nursing.
Academic Article Preventing Suicides in Emergency Departments and Inpatient Psychiatric Units: Standards of Care.
Academic Article Impacts on Global Health from Nursing Research.
Academic Article Social Media Awareness and Implications in Nursing Leadership.
Academic Article Capturing the Interpersonal Process of Psychiatric Nurses: A Model for Engagement.
Academic Article Public Dialogue in Nursing and Healthcare.
Academic Article Black Mental Health Matters: What Nurses Need to Know About Chronic Stressors of Persons of Color.
Academic Article Steps to Achieve Universal Suicide Screening in Emergency Departments: A Call to Action.
Academic Article No MD But Care Is Still Essential: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Improve Access to Mental Health Services.
Academic Article Does COVID-19 really call for an overhaul of nursing curricula or promoting the power, status, and representation of nursing?
Academic Article Using a Twitter Chat as an Alternative to Traditional Classroom Discussion.
Academic Article International consensus-based policy recommendations to advance universal palliative care access from the American Academy of Nursing Expert Panels.
Academic Article American Academy of Nursing Expert Panel consensus statement on nursing's roles in ensuring universal palliative care access.

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