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Guozhi Xiao

InstitutionRush University, Rush Medical College
DepartmentOrthopedic Surgery
AddressChicago IL 60612
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    My Scopus ID is 56735314900.
    My NIH COMMONS name is XIAOGZ.

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    1. Zhou Y, Shu B, Xie R, Huang J, Zheng L, Zhou X, Xiao G, Zhao L, Chen D. Deletion of Axin1 in condylar chondrocytes leads to osteoarthritis-like phenotype in temporomandibular joint via activation of ß-catenin and FGF signaling. J Cell Physiol. 2019 Feb; 234(2):1720-1729. PMID: 30070692.
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    2. Wang T, Li S, Yi D, Zhou GQ, Chang Z, Ma PX, Xiao G, Chen D. CHIP regulates bone mass by targeting multiple TRAF family members in bone marrow stromal cells. Bone Res. 2018; 6:10. PMID: 29619270.
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    3. Yi YS, Jian J, Gonzalez-Gugel E, Shi YX, Tian Q, Fu W, Hettinghouse A, Song W, Liu R, He M, Qi H, Yang J, Du X, Xiao G, Chen L, Liu CJ. p204 Is Required for Canonical Lipopolysaccharide-induced TLR4 Signaling in Mice. EBioMedicine. 2018 Mar; 29:78-91. PMID: 29472103.
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    4. Sun Y, Guo C, Ma P, Lai Y, Yang F, Cai J, Cheng Z, Zhang K, Liu Z, Tian Y, Sheng Y, Tian R, Deng Y, Xiao G, Wu C. Kindlin-2 Association with Rho GDP-Dissociation Inhibitor a Suppresses Rac1 Activation and Podocyte Injury. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017 Dec; 28(12):3545-3562. PMID: 28775002.
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    5. Zhang Y, Xu S, Li K, Tan K, Liang K, Wang J, Shen J, Zou W, Hu L, Cai D, Ding C, Li M, Xiao G, Liu B, Liu A, Bai X. mTORC1 Inhibits NF-?B/NFATc1 Signaling and Prevents Osteoclast Precursor Differentiation, In Vitro and In Mice. J Bone Miner Res. 2017 Sep; 32(9):1829-1840. PMID: 28520214.
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    6. Fu W, Hu W, Shi L, Mundra JJ, Xiao G, Dustin ML, Liu CJ. Foxo4- and Stat3-dependent IL-10 production by progranulin in regulatory T cells restrains inflammatory arthritis. FASEB J. 2017 04; 31(4):1354-1367. PMID: 28011648.
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    7. Zhu K, Song P, Lai Y, Liu C, Xiao G. Prolyl hydroxylase domain proteins regulate bone mass through their expression in osteoblasts. Gene. 2016 Dec 05; 594(1):125-130. PMID: 27614241.
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    8. Ellman MB, Kim J, An HS, Chen D, Kc R, Li X, Xiao G, Yan D, Suh J, van Wijnen AJ, Wang JH, Kim SG, Im HJ. Corrigendum to "Lactoferricin enhances BMP7-stimulated anabolic pathways in intervertebral disc cells" [Gene. 2013 Jul. 25; 524(2):282-91]. Gene. 2017 Feb 20; 602:61. PMID: 27354310.
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    9. Kc R, Li X, Kroin JS, Liu Z, Chen D, Xiao G, Levine B, Li J, Hamilton JL, van Wijnen AJ, Piel M, Shelly DA, Brass D, Kolb E, Im HJ. PKCd null mutations in a mouse model of osteoarthritis alter osteoarthritic pain independently of joint pathology by augmenting NGF/TrkA-induced axonal outgrowth. Ann Rheum Dis. 2016 Dec; 75(12):2133-2141. PMID: 26783110.
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    10. Kim JS, Ahmadinia K, Li X, Hamilton JL, Andrews S, Haralampus CA, Xiao G, Sohn HM, You JW, Seo YS, Stein GS, Van Wijnen AJ, Kim SG, Im HJ. Development of an Experimental Animal Model for Lower Back Pain by Percutaneous Injury-Induced Lumbar Facet Joint Osteoarthritis. J Cell Physiol. 2015 Nov; 230(11):2837-47. PMID: 25858171; PMCID: PMC4516599 [Available on 11/01/16].
    11. Zhao Y, Zhou J, Liu D, Dong F, Cheng H, Wang W, Pang Y, Wang Y, Mu X, Ni Y, Li Z, Xu H, Hao S, Wang X, Ma S, Wang QF, Xiao G, Yuan W, Liu B, Cheng T. ATF4 plays a pivotal role in the development of functional hematopoietic stem cells in mouse fetal liver. Blood. 2015 Nov 19; 126(21):2383-91. PMID: 26384355; PMCID: PMC4653766.
    12. Wu C, Jiao H, Lai Y, Zheng W, Chen K, Qu H, Deng W, Song P, Zhu K, Cao H, Galson DL, Fan J, Im HJ, Liu Y, Chen J, Chen D, Xiao G. Kindlin-2 controls TGF-ß signalling and Sox9 expression to regulate chondrogenesis. Nat Commun. 2015 Jul 07; 6:7531. PMID: 26151572.
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    13. Zhu K, Yi J, Xiao Y, Lai Y, Song P, Zheng W, Jiao H, Fan J, Wu C, Chen D, Zhou J, Xiao G. Impaired bone homeostasis in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mice with muscle atrophy. J Biol Chem. 2015 Mar 27; 290(13):8081-94. PMID: 25648889.
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    14. Li S, Shu B, Zhang Y, Li J, Guo J, Wang Y, Ren F, Xiao G, Chang Z, Chen D. Carboxyl terminus of Hsp70-interacting protein regulation of osteoclast formation in mice through promotion of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 protein degradation. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2014 Jul; 66(7):1854-63. PMID: 24578159; PMCID: PMC4077927.
    15. Wang B, Jin H, Zhu M, Li J, Zhao L, Zhang Y, Tang D, Xiao G, Xing L, Boyce BF, Chen D. Chondrocyte ß-catenin signaling regulates postnatal bone remodeling through modulation of osteoclast formation in a murine model. Arthritis Rheumatol. 2014 Jan; 66(1):107-20. PMID: 24431282; PMCID: PMC3932359.
    16. Yan D, Kc R, Chen D, Xiao G, Im HJ. Bovine lactoferricin-induced anti-inflammation is, in part, via up-regulation of interleukin-11 by secondary activation of STAT3 in human articular cartilage. J Biol Chem. 2013 Nov 01; 288(44):31655-69. PMID: 24036113; PMCID: PMC3814761.
    17. Cao H, Zhu K, Qiu L, Li S, Niu H, Hao M, Yang S, Zhao Z, Lai Y, Anderson JL, Fan J, Im HJ, Chen D, Roodman GD, Xiao G. Critical role of AKT protein in myeloma-induced osteoclast formation and osteolysis. J Biol Chem. 2013 Oct 18; 288(42):30399-410. PMID: 24005670; PMCID: PMC3798504.
    18. Kim JS, Ellman MB, Yan D, An HS, Kc R, Li X, Chen D, Xiao G, Cs-Szabo G, Hoskin DW, Buechter DD, Van Wijnen AJ, Im HJ. Lactoferricin mediates anti-inflammatory and anti-catabolic effects via inhibition of IL-1 and LPS activity in the intervertebral disc. J Cell Physiol. 2013 Sep; 228(9):1884-96. PMID: 23460134; PMCID: PMC3703102.
    19. Zhu K, Jiao H, Li S, Cao H, Galson DL, Zhao Z, Zhao X, Lai Y, Fan J, Im HJ, Chen D, Xiao G. ATF4 promotes bone angiogenesis by increasing VEGF expression and release in the bone environment. J Bone Miner Res. 2013 Sep; 28(9):1870-1884. PMID: 23649506; PMCID: PMC4394202.
    20. Zheng L, Zhu K, Jiao H, Zhao Z, Zhang L, Liu M, Deng W, Chen D, Yao Z, Xiao G. PTHrP expression in human MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells is critical for tumor growth and survival and osteoblast inhibition. Int J Biol Sci. 2013; 9(8):830-41. PMID: 23983616; PMCID: PMC3753447.
    21. Xiao G, Zhang T, Yu S, Lee S, Calabuig-Navarro V, Yamauchi J, Ringquist S, Dong HH. ATF4 protein deficiency protects against high fructose-induced hypertriglyceridemia in mice. J Biol Chem. 2013 Aug 30; 288(35):25350-61. PMID: 23888053; PMCID: PMC3757199.
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    23. Yu S, Zhu K, Lai Y, Zhao Z, Fan J, Im HJ, Chen D, Xiao G. atf4 promotes ß-catenin expression and osteoblastic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Int J Biol Sci. 2013; 9(3):256-66. PMID: 23494915; PMCID: PMC3596711.
    24. Yan D, Chen D, Shen J, Xiao G, van Wijnen AJ, Im HJ. Bovine lactoferricin is anti-inflammatory and anti-catabolic in human articular cartilage and synovium. J Cell Physiol. 2013 Feb; 228(2):447-56. PMID: 22740381; PMCID: PMC3463726.
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    34. Zhang X, Yu S, Galson DL, Luo M, Fan J, Zhang J, Guan Y, Xiao G. Activating transcription factor 4 is critical for proliferation and survival in primary bone marrow stromal cells and calvarial osteoblasts. J Cell Biochem. 2008 Oct 15; 105(3):885-95. PMID: 18729081; PMCID: PMC2704124.
    35. Singha UK, Jiang Y, Yu S, Luo M, Lu Y, Zhang J, Xiao G. Rapamycin inhibits osteoblast proliferation and differentiation in MC3T3-E1 cells and primary mouse bone marrow stromal cells. J Cell Biochem. 2008 Feb 01; 103(2):434-46. PMID: 17516572.
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    36. Yu S, Franceschi RT, Luo M, Zhang X, Jiang D, Lai Y, Jiang Y, Zhang J, Xiao G. Parathyroid hormone increases activating transcription factor 4 expression and activity in osteoblasts: requirement for osteocalcin gene expression. Endocrinology. 2008 Apr; 149(4):1960-8. PMID: 18187540; PMCID: PMC2276723.
    37. Yu S, Jiang Y, Galson DL, Luo M, Lai Y, Lu Y, Ouyang HJ, Zhang J, Xiao G. General transcription factor IIA-gamma increases osteoblast-specific osteocalcin gene expression via activating transcription factor 4 and runt-related transcription factor 2. J Biol Chem. 2008 Feb 29; 283(9):5542-53. PMID: 18171674; PMCID: PMC2736298.
    38. Zhu J, Jia X, Xiao G, Kang Y, Partridge NC, Qin L. EGF-like ligands stimulate osteoclastogenesis by regulating expression of osteoclast regulatory factors by osteoblasts: implications for osteolytic bone metastases. J Biol Chem. 2007 Sep 14; 282(37):26656-64. PMID: 17636266.
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    39. Feng R, Anderson G, Xiao G, Elliott G, Leoni L, Mapara MY, Roodman GD, Lentzsch S. SDX-308, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent, inhibits NF-kappaB activity, resulting in strong inhibition of osteoclast formation/activity and multiple myeloma cell growth. Blood. 2007 Mar 01; 109(5):2130-8. PMID: 17095620.
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    40. Xiao G, Jiang D, Ge C, Zhao Z, Lai Y, Boules H, Phimphilai M, Yang X, Karsenty G, Franceschi RT. Cooperative interactions between activating transcription factor 4 and Runx2/Cbfa1 stimulate osteoblast-specific osteocalcin gene expression. J Biol Chem. 2005 Sep 02; 280(35):30689-96. PMID: 16000305.
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