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Concept Nucleic Acids
Concept Amino Acids
Concept Fatty Acids
Concept Aminosalicylic Acids
Concept Fatty Acids, Volatile
Concept Bile Acids and Salts
Concept Docosahexaenoic Acids
Academic Article Novel antioxidants zolimid and AEOL11201 ameliorate colitis in rats.
Academic Article Alcohol induced alterations to the human fecal VOC metabolome.
Academic Article Supplementation of saturated long-chain fatty acids maintains intestinal eubiosis and reduces ethanol-induced liver injury in mice.
Academic Article Exposure to ethanol induces oxidative damage in the pituitary gland.
Academic Article Beneficial effect of a bile acid resin binder on enteral feeding induced diarrhea.
Academic Article Influence of dietary fiber on inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer: importance of fermentation pattern.
Academic Article Effect of a slow-release 5'-aminosalicylic acid preparation on disease activity in Crohn's disease.
Academic Article Impact of dietary fiber fermentation from cereal grains on metabolite production by the fecal microbiota from normal weight and obese individuals.
Academic Article Short chain fatty acid rectal irrigation for left-sided ulcerative colitis: a randomised, placebo controlled trial.
Academic Article Dietary protein supplementation from vegetable sources in the management of chronic portal systemic encephalopathy.
Academic Article In vitro characterization of the impact of selected dietary fibers on fecal microbiota composition and short chain fatty acid production.
Academic Article Gut Microbiota Regulate Motor Deficits and Neuroinflammation in a Model of Parkinson's Disease.
Academic Article Dietary fibre-based SCFA mixtures promote both protection and repair of intestinal epithelial barrier function in a Caco-2 cell model.
Academic Article Gut-brain and brain-gut axis in Parkinson's disease models: Effects of a uridine and fish oil diet.
Academic Article Starch-entrapped microsphere fibers improve bowel habit but do not exhibit prebiotic capacity in those with unsatisfactory bowel habits: a phase I, randomized, double-blind, controlled human trial.
Academic Article Alcohol Feeding in Mice Promotes Colonic Hyperpermeability and Changes in Colonic Organoid Stem Cell Fate.
Academic Article Physical Inaccessibility of a Resistant Starch Shifts Mouse Gut Microbiota to Butyrogenic Firmicutes.
Academic Article Altered microbial community structure and metabolism in cow's milk allergic mice treated with oral immunotherapy and fructo-oligosaccharides.
Academic Article Disrupted diurnal oscillation of gut-derived Short chain fatty acids in shift workers drinking alcohol: Possible mechanism for loss of resiliency of intestinal barrier in disrupted circadian host.
Academic Article Microglia, inflammation and gut microbiota responses in a progressive monkey model of Parkinson's disease: A case series.
Academic Article Dietary Fiber Hierarchical Specificity: the Missing Link for Predictable and Strong Shifts in Gut Bacterial Communities.

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