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Academic Article Advanced practice psychiatric mental health nursing, finding our core: the therapeutic relationship in 21st century.
Academic Article Competency-based training to create the 21st century mental health workforce: strides, stumbles, and solutions.
Academic Article An assessment of students' confidence in performing psychiatric mental health nursing skills: the impact of the clinical practicum experience.
Academic Article Prevention of youth violence: sustaining our attention and effort.
Academic Article The effect of intimate partner violence education on nurse practitioners' feelings of competence and ability to screen patients.
Academic Article The psychiatric nurse practitioner 1993-2003: a decade that unsettled a specialty.
Academic Article Milieu management of a child with bipolar illness.
Academic Article Inpatient psychiatric treatment: should we revive a shrinking system?
Academic Article Learning to observe in context: child and adolescent inpatient mental health assessment.
Academic Article Following the affect: learning to observe emotional regulation.
Academic Article Learning to observe cognition, mastery, and control.
Academic Article Learning to observe relationships and coping.
Academic Article Top 10 milieu interventions for inpatient child/adolescent treatment.
Academic Article Using data to increase the national presence of psychiatric mental health nursing.
Academic Article The recovery movement: defining evidence-based processes.
Academic Article Inpatient psychiatric nurses need to speak up.
Academic Article Addressing children's mental health needs: educational preparation of advanced practice nurses.
Academic Article Challenges faced by inpatient child/adolescent psychiatric nurses.
Academic Article Depiction of psychiatric nursing in federal reports: the good news and the bad news.
Academic Article Challenges and realities of teaching psychotherapy: a survey of psychiatric-mental health nursing graduate programs.
Academic Article Role of nursing in juvenile justice.
Academic Article Inpatient psychiatric nursing: why safety must be the key deliverable.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nursing and health care reform: learning to see the playing field.
Academic Article Looking 10 years back and 5 years ahead: framing the clinical nurse specialists debate for our students.
Academic Article Reducing reactive aggression by lowering coping demands and boosting regulation: five key staff behaviors.
Academic Article Special edition: Inpatient psychiatric treatment: moving the science forward final.
Academic Article IOM releases report on preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders among young people: progress and possibilities.
Academic Article Upcoming health care reforms: stepping up to the challenges.
Academic Article Educating the workforce who cares for the pediatric population.
Academic Article Prevention approaches in child mental health disorders.
Academic Article Integrated health care: strengthening nursing's voice.
Academic Article Health care reform and the federal transformation initiatives: capitalizing on the potential of advanced practice psychiatric nurses.
Academic Article Building a child mental health workforce: what vision are we working toward?
Academic Article Standards of care: are they being used?
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nursing: a dialogue on the nature of our practice.
Academic Article National survey of psychiatric mental health advanced practice nursing: the adequacy of educational preparation: voices of our graduates.
Academic Article Magnet forces: a structure for a transformation in inpatient psychiatric nursing.
Academic Article National survey of psychiatric mental health advanced practice nursing: development, process, and finding.
Academic Article Blueprint for development of the advanced practice psychiatric nurse workforce.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nursing's psychotherapy role: are we letting it slip away?
Academic Article The International Society of Psychiatric Nursing's involvement with advanced practice RN model work.
Academic Article On the APNA staffing position statement.
Academic Article Safety issues on British mental health wards.
Academic Article Moving to a recovery framework of care: focusing attention on process.
Academic Article Registered nurse workforce trends for new entrants age 23-26: hope for the psychiatric nursing workforce shortage.
Academic Article Safety and inpatient psychiatric treatment: moving the science forward.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nurses: stigma issues we fail to see.
Academic Article Quality and safety graduate competencies in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner education.
Academic Article JCAPN editor transition: a new era begins.
Academic Article Strengthening our community of practitioner, educators, and researchers.
Academic Article Development of integrated mental health care: critical workforce competencies.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nurses: what should we be "called" in the broad health care arena?
Academic Article Getting serious about treatment engagement and partnership with families.
Academic Article Metasynthesis of research on the role of psychiatric inpatient nurses: what is important to staff?
Academic Article Positioning the work of child and adolescent psychiatric nurses.
Academic Article Why nurses must write about their practice.
Academic Article Nurse practitioner education: greater demand, reduced training opportunities.
Academic Article 2015 is here: the impact of LACE on the child/adolescent psychiatric nursing workforce.
Academic Article Why do we need a child psychiatric nursing specialty?
Academic Article American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) revision of its Position Statement on the Use of Seclusion and Restraint.
Academic Article Development and testing of the combined assessment of psychiatric environments: a patient-centered quality measure for inpatient psychiatric treatment.
Academic Article Engagement as an Element of Safe Inpatient Psychiatric Environments.
Academic Article Improving Awareness of an Acute Psychiatric Unit's Capacity for Admission.
Academic Article Improving Mental Health Care: What Nurses Can Do.
Academic Article Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Workforce Agenda: Optimizing Capabilities and Capacity to Address Workforce Demands.
Academic Article Integrating the 2013 Psychiatric Mental Health NP Competencies Into Educational Programs: Where Are We Now?
Academic Article Disseminating Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Innovations: Why Nurses Must Take Leadership.
Academic Article An approach to ethical judgments within the therapeutic alliance.
Academic Article Nursing in child psychiatric milieus: Part I: What nurses do.
Academic Article Nursing in child psychiatric milieus: Part II: Mapping conceptual footholds.
Academic Article Putting the unit to bed.
Academic Article Seven days and counting: how inpatient nurses might adjust their practice to brief hospitalization.
Academic Article Calming an escalated psychiatric milieu.
Academic Article Parents' perceptions of their child's emotional illness and psychiatric treatment needs.
Academic Article Milieu therapy: a therapeutic loophole.
Academic Article Advanced practice psychiatric nursing: a national profile.
Academic Article Management of the resistant adolescent in the milieu.
Academic Article The potential value of small responses and partial solutions.
Academic Article Trends in psychiatric mental health nursing education.
Academic Article Time-out: an overused and misused milieu intervention.
Academic Article Psychiatric hospitalization and process description: what will nursing add?
Academic Article Developing a restraint-reduction program for child/adolescent inpatient treatment.
Academic Article Identifying the mental health needs of preschool children.
Academic Article National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties.
Academic Article The Effective Use of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses in Integrated Care: Policy Implications for Increasing Quality and Access to Care.
Academic Article Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Advanced Practice Workforce: Capacity to Address Shortages of Mental Health Professionals.
Academic Article Opioid misuse epidemic: Addressing opioid prescribing and organization initiatives for holistic, safe and compassionate care.
Academic Article The child mental health system is faltering: Why is nursing not providing solutions?
Academic Article Capturing the Interpersonal Process of Psychiatric Nurses: A Model for Engagement.
Academic Article Monitoring the future survey: Important messages for nursing practice.
Academic Article Implementation of Trauma-Informed Care and Brief Solution-Focused Therapy: A Quality Improvement Project Aimed at Increasing Engagement on an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.
Academic Article Steps to Achieve Universal Suicide Screening in Emergency Departments: A Call to Action.
Academic Article Report on the APNA National Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Survey.
Academic Article Nursing in child psychiatric milieus: What nurses do: An update.
Academic Article How can nurses reclaim the inpatient research agenda?
Academic Article Potential impact of DNP projects on child mental health services.
Academic Article A Call to Action From the APNA Council for Safe Environments: Defining Violence and Aggression for Research and Practice Improvement Purposes.
Academic Article Underestimating or overestimating the power of therapeutic nurse-patient interactions.
Academic Article Commentary on article practice characteristics of nurse practitioners in mental health and psychiatric settings.
Academic Article The Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Workforce: Charting the Future.
Academic Article Building a Child Mental Health Workforce for the 21st Century: Closing the Training Gap.
Academic Article Implementation of Acceptance Commitment Therapy on a Mood Disorder Unit: A Quality Improvement Project.
Academic Article Establishing nurse practitioner clinical practicums: Addressing fiscal realities.
Academic Article Let's Talk About Benzodiazepine Use: Inpatient Psychiatric Nurses Initiating the Conversation.
Academic Article Child psychiatric nursing: Shaping a future vision of our work with children.
Academic Article Exploring the thinking, reasoning and clinical approach of expert child psychiatric nurses.
Academic Article Child inpatient psychiatric nursing: Clinical knowledge in search of a structure.
Academic Article Developing community engagement: The psychiatric nurse generalist as full partner in suicide prevention.
Academic Article Nurse fellowships: An advance for population-based mental health care.

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