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Concept Nursing
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Academic Article Assessing the quality of life of elderly persons.
Academic Article Developing an advanced practice nursing credentialing model for acute care facilities.
Academic Article Evolving the practitioner-teacher role to enhance practice-academic partnerships: a literature review.
Academic Article Randomized trial of an intensive care unit-based early discharge planning intervention for critically ill elderly patients.
Academic Article Assessing outcomes in advanced practice nursing practice: the use of quality indicators and evidence-based practice.
Academic Article Strategies for success in the acute care nurse practitioner role.
Academic Article The use of common continuous monitoring parameters: a quality indicator for critically ill patients with sepsis.
Academic Article Educational options for acute care nurse practitioner practice.
Academic Article Moral distress of staff nurses in a medical intensive care unit.
Academic Article Skills taught in acute care NP programs: a national survey.
Academic Article Expanding acute care nurse practitioner practice: focus on emergency department practice.
Academic Article Expanding opportunities in ACNP practice.
Academic Article 2004 American Academy of Nurse Practitioners National Nurse Practitioner Sample Survey: focus on acute care.
Academic Article Searching and critiquing literature essential for acute care NPs.
Academic Article Developing and implementing quality initiatives in the ICU: strategies and outcomes.
Academic Article Implementing a rapid response team: factors influencing success.
Academic Article APNs: invisible champions?
Academic Article Billing for NP provider services: updates on coding regulations.
Academic Article Supporting independence in hospitalized elders in acute care.
Academic Article Evidence-based review and discussion points.
Academic Article Post-masters certification programs for nurse practitioners: population specialty role preparation.
Academic Article Hospitalist services: an evolving opportunity.
Academic Article Improving patient-provider communication: a call to action.
Academic Article Pneumonia in older adults.
Academic Article E-learning resources for acute care nurse practitioners.
Academic Article Making the Web work for acute care NP education.
Academic Article Promoting continuity for patients experiencing transitions in care.
Academic Article Evidence-based review and discussion points.
Academic Article Evidence-based review and discussion points.
Academic Article Family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation: using evidence-based knowledge to guide the advanced practice nurse in developing formal policy and practice guidelines.
Academic Article Nursing considerations to complement the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines.
Academic Article Mirror mirror on the wall: physician and nurse perceptions of their quality of care for deteriorating patients*.
Academic Article American Academy of Nurse Practitioners National Nurse Practitioner sample survey: focus on acute care.
Academic Article Advanced practice nursing scope of practice for hospitals, acute care/critical care, and ambulatory care settings: a primer for clinicians, executives, and preceptors.
Academic Article Implications of the new international sepsis guidelines for nursing care.
Academic Article The development of leadership outcome-indicators evaluating the contribution of clinical specialists and advanced practitioners to health care: a secondary analysis.
Academic Article Quality and financial impact of adding nurse practitioners to inpatient care teams.
Academic Article ICU workforce: revisiting nurse staffing.
Academic Article Targeting sepsis as a performance improvement metric: role of the nurse.
Academic Article Philanthropy as a source of funding for nursing initiatives.
Academic Article Critical care nursing organizations and activities: a fourth worldwide review.
Academic Article Assessing the Impact of Telemedicine on Nursing Care in Intensive Care Units.
Academic Article Addressing Issues Impacting Advanced Nursing Practice Worldwide.
Academic Article Needs of family members of intensive care unit patients.
Academic Article Needs of families of critically ill patients: a literature review.
Academic Article Concept analysis of quality of life.
Academic Article The effect of two nursing interventions on families of ICU patients.
Academic Article The management of a multisite study.
Academic Article A new role for critical care nursing: the acute care nurse practitioner.
Academic Article Teaching pharmacology to advanced practice nursing students: issues and strategies.
Academic Article Acute-care nurse practitioners: roles and practice profiles.
Academic Article What influences patients' reports of three aspects of hospital services?
Academic Article Ethnic diversity and staff nurse employment in hospitals.
Academic Article Whose outcomes. Patients, providers, or payers?
Academic Article Acute care nurse practitioner: a new career opportunity for critical care nurses.
Academic Article Certification carries nursing careers higher.
Academic Article Continuing education for advanced practice nurses.
Academic Article New certification for CNSs.
Academic Article Quality of life of elderly patients after treatment in the ICU.
Academic Article Witnessing history in the making.
Academic Article What advanced practice nursing outcomes research is out there?
Academic Article Collaborative practice in advanced practice nursing in acute care.
Academic Article Rediscovering the value of the journal club.
Academic Article The role of the critical care nurse in the assessment and management of the patient with severe sepsis.
Academic Article Advances in the understanding of clinical manifestations and therapy of severe sepsis: an update for critical care nurses.
Academic Article Measuring advanced practice nursing outcome, strategies and resources.
Academic Article Promoting Patient- and Family-Centered Care in the Intensive Care Unit: A Dissemination Project.
Academic Article Quality measures for nurse practitioner practice evaluation.
Academic Article Promoting Faculty Scholarship: A Clinical Faculty Scholars Program.
Academic Article DNPs' labor participation, activities, and reports of degree contributions.
Academic Article Reports of three organizations' members about doctor of nursing practice project experiences and outcomes.
Academic Article Describing advanced practice provider roles within critical care teams with Tele-ICUs: Exemplars from seven US health systems.
Academic Article International critical care nursing considerations and quality indicators for the 2017 surviving sepsis campaign guidelines.
Academic Article Choosing Wisely in Critical Care: A National Survey of Critical Care Nurses.
Academic Article Assessing and addressing practitioner burnout: Results from an advanced practice registered nurse health and well-being study.
Academic Article The use of national collaborative to promote advanced practice registered nurse-led high-value care initiatives.
Academic Article The Fifth International Survey of Critical Care Nursing Organizations: Implications for Policy.
Academic Article Implementing a faculty mentoring process to improve academic-clinical partnerships for nurse led evidence based practice and research projects.
Academic Article Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on APRN practice: Results from a national survey.
Academic Article Showcasing Nursing Leadership and Contributions to a University's COVID-19 Student Contact Tracing Process.
Academic Article Advancing clinical scholarship among non-tenure track faculty: A faculty scholarship program.
Academic Article COVID-19 effects on practice: Perspectives of Tennessee APRNs.
Academic Article Breaking Down Institutional Barriers to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Practice.
Academic Article Assessing postgraduate outcomes of research-intensive nursing science PhD programs: Methods and metrics.
Academic Article Nursing Implications of the Updated 2021 Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines.

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