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Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Connective Tissue Growth Factor
Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
Concept Core Binding Factor Alpha 1 Subunit
Concept Epidermal Growth Factor
Concept SOX9 Transcription Factor
Academic Article SOX9 directly Regulates CTGF/CCN2 Transcription in Growth Plate Chondrocytes and in Nucleus Pulposus Cells of Intervertebral Disc.
Academic Article Deletion of Runx2 in Articular Chondrocytes Decelerates the Progression of DMM-Induced Osteoarthritis in Adult Mice.
Academic Article A Novel Regulatory Mechanism of Type II Collagen Expression via a SOX9-dependent Enhancer in Intron 6.
Academic Article Smpd3 Expression in both Chondrocytes and Osteoblasts Is Required for Normal Endochondral Bone Development.
Academic Article SOX9 regulates multiple genes in chondrocytes, including genes encoding ECM proteins, ECM modification enzymes, receptors, and transporters.
Academic Article The dimerization domain of SOX9 is required for transcription activation of a chondrocyte-specific chromatin DNA template.
Academic Article Identification of SOX9 interaction sites in the genome of chondrocytes.
Academic Article The forming limb skeleton serves as a signaling center for limb vasculature patterning via regulation of Vegf.
Academic Article Signaling mechanisms leading to the regulation of differentiation and apoptosis of articular chondrocytes by insulin-like growth factor-1.
Academic Article Epidermal growth factor negatively regulates chondrogenesis of mesenchymal cells by modulating the protein kinase C-alpha, Erk-1, and p38 MAPK signaling pathways.

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