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Concept Nursing Methodology Research
Concept Evidence-Based Nursing
Concept Students, Nursing
Concept Faculty, Nursing
Concept Education, Nursing
Concept Community Health Nursing
Concept Nursing Staff, Hospital
Concept Geriatric Nursing
Concept Nursing Assessment
Concept Societies, Nursing
Concept Nursing Evaluation Research
Concept Transcultural Nursing
Concept Nursing Education Research
Concept Licensure, Nursing
Concept Education, Nursing, Graduate
Academic Article Reluctant gerontologists: integrating gerontological nursing content into a prelicensure program.
Academic Article Cardiovascular disease in the Amish: an exploratory study of knowledge, beliefs, and health care practices.
Academic Article Perceptions of Insulin Treatment Among African Americans With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes.
Academic Article The impact of an oral hygiene education module on patient practices and nursing documentation
Academic Article Improving cardiovascular health of underserved populations in the community with Life's Simple 7.
Academic Article Alarm Fatigue: Use of an Evidence-Based Alarm Management Strategy.
Academic Article Distinguishing the Clinical Nurse Specialist From Other Graduate Nursing Roles.
Academic Article Access to Innovative Medicine: A Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association Position Statement to Reduce the Barriers.
Academic Article Integrating Entrepreneurial Skills Into Clinical Nurse Specialist Education: The Need for Improved Marketing, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution Skills.
Academic Article The Flipped Classroom as a Tool to Teach Clinical Reasoning.
Academic Article Evaluation of Simulation Experiential Learning During the Pandemic.
Academic Article Academic Practice Partnerships: Working Together to Shape the Future of Nursing.
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