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Jun Lu

InstitutionRush University, Rush Medical College
DepartmentPhysiology and Biophysics
Address1750 W.Harrison St
Chicago IL 60612
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    My Faculty Profile at Rush University Medical Center:

    My Laboratory:

    PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical Univeristy, Xian, China
    MS, Northwest Univeristy, Xian, China
    BS, Yanan University, Yanan, China

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    1. Lu J, Baccei A, Lummertz da Rocha E, Guillermier C, McManus S, Finney LA, Zhang C, Steinhauser ML, Li H, Lerou PH. Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals metallothionein heterogeneity during hESC differentiation to definitive endoderm. Stem Cell Res. 2018 04; 28:48-55. PMID: 29427839.
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    2. Chen MC, Vetrivelan R, Guo CN, Chang C, Fuller PM, Lu J. Ventral medullary control of rapid eye movement sleep and atonia. Exp Neurol. 2017 04; 290:53-62. PMID: 28077261.
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    3. Vetrivelan R, Kong D, Ferrari LL, Arrigoni E, Madara JC, Bandaru SS, Lowell BB, Lu J, Saper CB. Melanin-concentrating hormone neurons specifically promote rapid eye movement sleep in mice. Neuroscience. 2016 Nov 12; 336:102-113. PMID: 27595887.
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    4. Qiu MH, Chen MC, Fuller PM, Lu J. Stimulation of the Pontine Parabrachial Nucleus Promotes Wakefulness via Extra-thalamic Forebrain Circuit Nodes. Curr Biol. 2016 09 12; 26(17):2301-12. PMID: 27546576.
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    5. Lu J, Chen M. Glial Gap Junctions Boost Modafinil Action on Arousal. Sleep. 2016 06 01; 39(6):1175-7. PMID: 27166230; PMCID: PMC4863203 [Available on 12/01/16].
    6. Lu J, Li H, Baccei A, Sasaki T, Gilbert DM, Lerou PH. Influence of ATM-Mediated DNA Damage Response on Genomic Variation in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Stem Cells Dev. 2016 05 01; 25(9):740-7. PMID: 26935587; PMCID: PMC4854209 [Available on 05/01/17].
    7. Chen MC, Chiang WY, Yugay T, Patxot M, Özçivit IB, Hu K, Lu J. Anterior Insula Regulates Multiscale Temporal Organization of Sleep and Wake Activity. J Biol Rhythms. 2016 Apr; 31(2):182-93. PMID: 26825619; PMCID: PMC4803073 [Available on 04/01/17].
    8. Freedman BS, Brooks CR, Lam AQ, Fu H, Morizane R, Agrawal V, Saad AF, Li MK, Hughes MR, Werff RV, Peters DT, Lu J, Baccei A, Siedlecki AM, Valerius MT, Musunuru K, McNagny KM, Steinman TI, Zhou J, Lerou PH, Bonventre JV. Modelling kidney disease with CRISPR-mutant kidney organoids derived from human pluripotent epiblast spheroids. Nat Commun. 2015 Oct 23; 6:8715. PMID: 26493500; PMCID: PMC4620584.
    9. Sherman D, Fuller PM, Marcus J, Yu J, Zhang P, Chamberlin NL, Saper CB, Lu J. Anatomical Location of the Mesencephalic Locomotor Region and Its Possible Role in Locomotion, Posture, Cataplexy, and Parkinsonism. Front Neurol. 2015; 6:140. PMID: 26157418; PMCID: PMC4478394.
    10. Chang CH, Chen MC, Lu J. Effect of antidepressant drugs on the vmPFC-limbic circuitry. Neuropharmacology. 2015 May; 92:116-24. PMID: 25637091; PMCID: PMC4346479.
    11. Chen MC, Ferrari L, Sacchet MD, Foland-Ross LC, Qiu MH, Gotlib IH, Fuller PM, Arrigoni E, Lu J. Identification of a direct GABAergic pallidocortical pathway in rodents. Eur J Neurosci. 2015 Mar; 41(6):748-59. PMID: 25581560; PMCID: PMC4363158.
    12. Gorman BR, Lu J, Baccei A, Lowry NC, Purvis JE, Mangoubi RS, Lerou PH. Multi-scale imaging and informatics pipeline for in situ pluripotent stem cell analysis. PLoS One. 2014; 9(12):e116037. PMID: 25551762; PMCID: PMC4281228.
    13. Gompf HS, Fuller PM, Hattar S, Saper CB, Lu J. Impaired circadian photosensitivity in mice lacking glutamate transmission from retinal melanopsin cells. J Biol Rhythms. 2015 Feb; 30(1):35-41. PMID: 25512304; PMCID: PMC4316665.
    14. Qiu MH, Yao QL, Vetrivelan R, Chen MC, Lu J. Nigrostriatal Dopamine Acting on Globus Pallidus Regulates Sleep. Cereb Cortex. 2016 Apr; 26(4):1430-9. PMID: 25316334; PMCID: PMC4785943 [Available on 04/01/17].
    15. Moskwa P, Zinn PO, Choi YE, Shukla SA, Fendler W, Chen CC, Lu J, Golub TR, Hjelmeland A, Chowdhury D. A functional screen identifies miRs that induce radioresistance in glioblastomas. Mol Cancer Res. 2014 Dec; 12(12):1767-78. PMID: 25256711; PMCID: PMC4386891.
    16. Anaclet C, Ferrari L, Arrigoni E, Bass CE, Saper CB, Lu J, Fuller PM. The GABAergic parafacial zone is a medullary slow wave sleep-promoting center. Nat Neurosci. 2014 Sep; 17(9):1217-24. PMID: 25129078; PMCID: PMC4214681.
    17. Chang CH, Chen MC, Qiu MH, Lu J. Ventromedial prefrontal cortex regulates depressive-like behavior and rapid eye movement sleep in the rat. Neuropharmacology. 2014 Nov; 86:125-32. PMID: 25036609; PMCID: PMC4188719.
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      View in: PubMed
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      View in: PubMed
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