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Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Attitude to Health
Academic Article Risk: a concept analysis.
Academic Article "It's the people that make the environment good or bad": the patient's experience of the acute care hospital environment.
Academic Article Nursing students' career choices: a pilot study.
Academic Article The interpretive research group as an alternative to the interpersonal process recording.
Academic Article "She took the time to make sure she understood": mental health patients' experiences of being understood.
Academic Article Using an interpretive research group to teach communication and understanding in undergraduate psychiatric-mental health nursing students.
Academic Article 'Take my hand, help me out': mental health service recipients' experience of the therapeutic relationship.
Academic Article Engaging students and faculty with diverse first-person experiences: use of an interpretive research group.
Academic Article "I have always felt different": the experience of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in childhood.
Academic Article Relationship skills building with older adults.
Academic Article How patients and nurses experience the acute care psychiatric environment.
Academic Article Commentary on Special Issue on GLBT Mental Health.
Academic Article Clinical supervision and the well-being of the psychiatric nurse.
Academic Article Perspectives of college students on their childhood ADHD.
Academic Article Using an honors program to engage undergraduate students in research.
Academic Article Enclosed versus open nursing stations in adult acute care psychiatric settings: does the design affect the therapeutic milieu?
Academic Article Consumers' perceptions of transitions from assertive community treatment to less intensive services.
Academic Article "Cultural cognition": what mental health researchers and clinicians might learn from the climate change debate.
Academic Article Nursing silent on LGBTQ health: rebel nurses provide hope.
Academic Article Nursing students' attitudes about psychiatric mental health nursing.
Academic Article How Patients and Nurses Experience an Open Versus an Enclosed Nursing Station on an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.
Academic Article Psychosis in public mental health: Provider perspectives on clinical relationships and barriers to the improvement of services.

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