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overview My Scopus ID is 55574201569. My NIH COMMONS name is DLWILLI. Research Areas: Schistosomiasis, redox biology, drug development. My Faculty Profile at Rush University Medical Center: https://www.rushu.rush.edu/faculty/david-l-williams-phd My Laboratory: https://www.rushu.rush.edu/research/departmental-research/microbial-pathogens-and-immunity-research/laboratory-david-l-williams-phd My NCBI Bibliography: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=David+L+Williams My Scopus: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=55574201569
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Concept Immunity, Cellular
Concept Immunity
Concept Immunity, Innate
Academic Article Murine immune responses to a novel schistosome egg antigen, SmEP25.
Academic Article Tissue-Specific Macrophage Responses to Remote Injury Impact the Outcome of Subsequent Local Immune Challenge.
Academic Article Syk-dependent cytokine induction by Dectin-1 reveals a novel pattern recognition pathway for C type lectins.
Academic Article Inflammatory Type 2 cDCs Acquire Features of cDC1s and Macrophages to Orchestrate Immunity to Respiratory Virus Infection.
Academic Article Oral delivery and gastrointestinal absorption of soluble glucans stimulate increased resistance to infectious challenge.
Academic Article Novel structural features in Candida albicans hyphal glucan provide a basis for differential innate immune recognition of hyphae versus yeast.
Academic Article Differential high-affinity interaction of dectin-1 with natural or synthetic glucans is dependent upon primary structure and is influenced by polymer chain length and side-chain branching.
Academic Article ?-Glucan Induces Distinct and Protective Innate Immune Memory in Differentiated Macrophages.
Academic Article Innate Immune Memory and the Host Response to Infection.
Academic Article An adjuvant strategy enabled by modulation of the physical properties of microbial ligands expands antigen immunogenicity.
Academic Article Cellular and molecular mechanisms of fungal ?-(1?6)-glucan in macrophages.
Academic Article Internalization of Dectin-1 terminates induction of inflammatory responses.
Academic Article Beta-glucan's varying structure characteristics modulate survival and immune-related genes expression from Vibrio harveyi-infected Artemia franciscana in gnotobiotic conditions.
Academic Article Transcriptional and functional insights into the host immune response against the emerging fungal pathogen Candida auris.
Academic Article Aorta- and liver-generated TMAO enhances trained immunity for increased inflammation via ER stress/mitochondrial ROS/glycolysis pathways.
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