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Academic Article Correlates of health and financial literacy in older adults without dementia.
Academic Article Cognitive function is associated with risk aversion in community-based older persons.
Academic Article The APOE epsilon4 allele is associated with incident mild cognitive impairment among community-dwelling older persons.
Academic Article Olfactory identification and incidence of mild cognitive impairment in older age.
Academic Article Mild cognitive impairment is associated with poorer decision-making in community-based older persons.
Academic Article Association of cognition with temporal discounting in community based older persons.
Academic Article Memory complaints are related to Alzheimer disease pathology in older persons.
Academic Article Cognitive decline is associated with risk aversion and temporal discounting in older adults without dementia.
Academic Article Total daily physical activity and the risk of AD and cognitive decline in older adults.
Academic Article Oral cancer in Scotland: changing incidence and mortality.
Academic Article Time trend and age-period-cohort effects on incidence of esophageal cancer in Connecticut, 1935-89.
Academic Article Trends of cancer mortality in Europe, 1955-1989: II, Respiratory tract, bone, connective and soft tissue sarcomas, and skin.
Academic Article Epidemiology of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Connecticut. 1935-1988.
Academic Article Is the increased incidence of primary malignant brain tumors in the elderly real?
Academic Article The application of age, period and cohort models to predict Swiss cancer mortality.
Academic Article Alcohol, beer and cancer of the pancreas.
Academic Article Descriptive epidemiology of Hodgkin's disease in Italy.
Academic Article Statistical modelling of lung cancer and laryngeal cancer incidence in Scotland, 1960-1979.
Academic Article Time trend and the age-period-cohort effect on the incidence of histologic types of lung cancer in Connecticut, 1960-1989.
Academic Article Epidemiological aspects of lip cancer in Scotland.
Academic Article [Prevalence of lower urinary tract symptoms in men and its influence on their quality of life: Boxmeer Study].
Academic Article Mortality from major cancer sites in the European Union, 1955-1998.
Academic Article Association of financial and health literacy with cognitive health in old age.
Academic Article Financial and health literacy discrepancies with cognition in older adults.
Academic Article Lung cancer incidence rates by histologic type: an example of trends in Eastern Europe--Slovakia 1978-95.
Academic Article Changed trends of cancer mortality in the elderly.
Academic Article Cancer incidence and mortality in Europe, 2004.
Academic Article Measuring progress against cancer in Europe: has the 15% decline targeted for 2000 come about?

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