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Concept Weight-Bearing
Academic Article In vivo wear of a squeaky alumina-on-alumina hip prosthesis: a case report.
Academic Article Wear particles.
Academic Article Analysis of retrieved acetabular components of three polyethylene types.
Academic Article Bone mineral density in the proximal tibia varies as a function of static alignment and knee adduction angular momentum in individuals with medial knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Knee joint loading differs in individuals with mild compared with moderate medial knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Relative importance of gait vs. joint positioning on hip contact forces after total hip replacement.
Academic Article Effect of impaction sequence on osteochondral graft damage: the role of repeated and varying loads.
Academic Article Effects of common footwear on joint loading in osteoarthritis of the knee.
Academic Article The biomechanical effects of focused muscle training on medial knee loads in OA of the knee: a pilot, proof of concept study.
Academic Article The relationship of vibratory perception to dynamic joint loading, radiographic severity, and pain in knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Asymmetric loading and bone mineral density at the asymptomatic knees of patients with unilateral hip osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Direct comparison of measured and calculated total knee replacement force envelopes during walking in the presence of normal and abnormal gait patterns.
Academic Article Improvement in knee loading after use of specialized footwear for knee osteoarthritis: results of a six-month pilot investigation.
Academic Article Asymmetries and relationships between dynamic loading, muscle strength, and proprioceptive acuity at the knees in symptomatic unilateral hip osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Comparison of Antagonist Muscle Activity During Walking Between Total Knee Replacement and Control Subjects Using Unnormalized Electromyography.
Academic Article Are Instrumented Knee Forces Representative of a Larger Population of Cruciate-Retaining Total Knee Arthroplasties?
Academic Article Gait asymmetries in unilateral symptomatic hip osteoarthritis and their association with radiographic severity and pain.
Academic Article Transient stiffening of cartilage during joint articulation: A microindentation study.

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