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Concept Biomechanical Phenomena
Academic Article Regulation of reaction forces during the golf swing.
Academic Article Modification of impulse generation during piqu? turns with increased rotational demands.
Academic Article Modification of Impulse Generation During Pirouette Turns With Increased Rotational Demands.
Academic Article Whole-Body Balance Regulation during the Turn Phase of Piqu? and Pirouette Turns with Varied Rotational Demands.
Academic Article Lower extremity control during turns initiated with and without hip external rotation.
Academic Article Method for Estimating Three-Dimensional Knee Rotations Using Two Inertial Measurement Units: Validation with a Coordinate Measurement Machine.
Academic Article Estimating Stair Running Performance Using Inertial Sensors.
Academic Article Body-worn IMU array reveals effects of load on performance in an outdoor obstacle course.
Academic Article Patient-specificity of scapular orientation measurements using an acromion marker cluster with multiple calibration poses.
Academic Article Quantifying warfighter performance during a bounding rush (prone-sprinting-prone) maneuver.
Academic Article Scapular and humeral elevation coordination patterns used before vs. after Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty.
Academic Article Frontal plane balance during pre-planned and late-cued 90 degree turns while walking.
Academic Article Dance-Themed National Biomechanics Day Community Engagement to Inspire our Future STEAM Leaders.
Academic Article Gait-phase specific transverse-plane momenta generation during pre-planned and late-cued 90 degree turns while walking.

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