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Concept Fractals
Academic Article Is walking a random walk? Evidence for long-range correlations in stride interval of human gait.
Academic Article Fractal mechanisms and heart rate dynamics. Long-range correlations and their breakdown with disease.
Academic Article Fractal dynamics of human gait: stability of long-range correlations in stride interval fluctuations.
Academic Article Altered fractal dynamics of gait: reduced stride-interval correlations with aging and Huntington's disease.
Academic Article Fractal landscapes in biological systems: long-range correlations in DNA and interbeat heart intervals.
Academic Article Multiple-time scales analysis of physiological time series under neural control.
Academic Article Fractal dynamics in physiology: alterations with disease and aging.
Academic Article When human walking becomes random walking: fractal analysis and modeling of gait rhythm fluctuations.
Academic Article Quantifying fractal dynamics of human respiration: age and gender effects.
Academic Article Gait instability and fractal dynamics of older adults with a "cautious" gait: why do certain older adults walk fearfully?
Academic Article Gait dynamics, fractals and falls: finding meaning in the stride-to-stride fluctuations of human walking.
Academic Article Levels of complexity in scale-invariant neural signals.
Academic Article Gait dynamics in Parkinson's disease: common and distinct behavior among stride length, gait variability, and fractal-like scaling.
Academic Article Can Tai Chi training impact fractal stride time dynamics, an index of gait health, in older adults? Cross-sectional and randomized trial studies.

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