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Concept Case-Control Studies
Academic Article Fractal mechanisms and heart rate dynamics. Long-range correlations and their breakdown with disease.
Academic Article Increased gait unsteadiness in community-dwelling elderly fallers.
Academic Article Balance and gait in older adults with systemic hypertension.
Academic Article R-R interval variation in Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy.
Academic Article Gait instability and fractal dynamics of older adults with a "cautious" gait: why do certain older adults walk fearfully?
Academic Article Clinical characteristics of elderly patients with a cautious gait of unknown origin.
Academic Article Gait in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder : effects of methylphenidate and dual tasking.
Academic Article Gait dynamics in Parkinson's disease: common and distinct behavior among stride length, gait variability, and fractal-like scaling.
Academic Article Can an accelerometer enhance the utility of the Timed Up & Go Test when evaluating patients with Parkinson's disease?
Academic Article An instrumented timed up and go: the added value of an accelerometer for identifying fall risk in idiopathic fallers.
Academic Article Effects of explicit prioritization on dual task walking in patients with Parkinson's disease.
Academic Article Introducing a new definition of a near fall: intra-rater and inter-rater reliability.
Academic Article Development of a new approach to quantifying stepping stability using ensemble empirical mode decomposition.
Academic Article Impaired dual tasking in Parkinson's disease is associated with reduced focusing of cortico-striatal activity.
Academic Article Do you see what I see? Mobile eye-tracker contextual analysis and inter-rater reliability.
Academic Article Analysis of Free-Living Gait in Older Adults With and Without Parkinson's Disease and With and Without a History of Falls: Identifying Generic and Disease-Specific Characteristics.
Academic Article Everyday Stepping Quantity and Quality Among Older Adult Fallers With and Without Mild Cognitive Impairment: Initial Evidence for New Motor Markers of Cognitive Deficits?
Academic Article Estimation of spatio-temporal parameters of gait from magneto-inertial measurement units: multicenter validation among Parkinson, mildly cognitively impaired and healthy older adults.
Academic Article Cerebral Imaging Markers of GBA and LRRK2 Related Parkinson's Disease and Their First-Degree Unaffected Relatives.
Academic Article Long-term Tai Chi Training Is Associated With Better Dual-task Postural Control and Cognition in Aging Adults.

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