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Concept Skin
Academic Article The use of antioxidants in radiotherapy-induced skin toxicity.
Academic Article Second Primary Malignancies in CTCL Patients from 1992 to 2011: A SEER-Based, Population-Based Study Evaluating Time from CTCL Diagnosis, Age, Sex, Stage, and CD30+ Subtype.
Academic Article Topical antioxidants in radiodermatitis: a clinical review.
Academic Article Localized pretibial bullous pemphigoid arising in a patient on pembrolizumab for metastatic melanoma.
Academic Article Association of Google Search Volume Index Peaks for Skin Cancer With Skin Cancer Awareness Month--Reply.
Academic Article A Review of the Use of Topical Calendula in the Prevention and Treatment of Radiotherapy-Induced Skin Reactions.
Academic Article Blue skin.
Academic Article Gastrointestinal prophylaxis in patients with autoimmune blistering disease treated with corticosteroids: an expert survey.
Academic Article Targeted Therapies for Autoimmune Bullous Diseases: Current Status.
Academic Article Assessing the current market of sunscreen: a cross-sectional study of sunscreen availability in three metropolitan counties in the United States.
Academic Article The role of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 in cutaneous disease.
Academic Article A case report of bullous pemphigoid associated with a melanoma and review of the literature.
Academic Article Dysregulated microRNA expression in IL-4 transgenic mice, an animal model of atopic dermatitis.
Academic Article Visual identification of skin cancer in beachgoers: a need for improved education on non-melanoma skin cancer in the general population and melanoma in the African-American population.
Academic Article Patient Factors and Their Association with Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Morbidity and the Performance of Self-skin Exams: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article An increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia in US patients with Merkel cell carcinoma versus Australian patients: A clinical clue to a different mechanism of pathogenesis?
Academic Article Editorial: Skin Blistering Diseases.
Academic Article A Systematic Review of Patients with Mucocutaneous and Respiratory Complications in Paraneoplastic Autoimmune Multiorgan Syndrome: Castleman's Disease is the Predominant Malignancy.
Academic Article Considerations for the utilization of 'comparative analysis of colorimetric staining in skin using open-source software' in an experimental setting.
Academic Article Syringotropic Mycosis Fungoides: A Rare Form of Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma Enabling a Histopathologic "Sigh of Relief".
Academic Article Coverage of Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Autoimmune Blistering Diseases Among US Insurers.
Academic Article Autoimmune Subepidermal Bullous Diseases of the Skin and Mucosae: Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Management.
Academic Article Determining the Incidence of Pneumocystis Pneumonia in Patients With Autoimmune Blistering Diseases Not Receiving Routine Prophylaxis.
Academic Article Autoimmune blistering diseases provoked during the treatment of chronic inflammatory disease with biologic agents: a systematic review.
Academic Article The Merkel cell polyomavirus and its involvement in Merkel cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Google Search Trends and Skin Cancer: Evaluating the US Population's Interest in Skin Cancer and Its Association With Melanoma Outcomes.
Academic Article Private and public coverage policies for rituximab in the treatment of immunobullous disease in the United States.
Academic Article Unmet Medical Needs in Chronic, Non-communicable Inflammatory Skin Diseases.
Academic Article Two patients with concomitant bullous pemphigoid and psoriasis successfully treated by IL-23 inhibition.
Academic Article Atrophic pink-to-yellow papules on the left lower leg.
Academic Article C-type lectin receptor expression is a hallmark of neutrophils infiltrating the skin in epidermolysis bullosa acquisita.

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