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Concept Disease Models, Animal
Academic Article Bone ingrowth into the tibial component of a canine total condylar knee replacement prosthesis.
Academic Article Spontaneous and experimental osteoarthritis in dog: similarities and differences in proteoglycan levels.
Academic Article Effect of hip hemiarthroplasty on articular cartilage and bone in a canine model.
Academic Article Experimental haemophilic arthropathy in a mouse model of a massive haemarthrosis: gross, radiological and histological changes.
Academic Article Anabolic agents and gene expression around the bone implant interface.
Academic Article Patterns and localization of gene expression during intramembranous bone regeneration in the rat femoral marrow ablation model.
Academic Article Sclerostin antibody increases bone volume and enhances implant fixation in a rat model.
Academic Article Implant placement increases bone remodeling transiently in a rat model.
Academic Article Combined use of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and rhBMP-2 to enhance bone formation in a rat model of critical size defect.
Academic Article Sclerostin antibody treatment improves implant fixation in a model of severe osteoporosis.
Academic Article The use of intra-articular Na-hyaluronate as a potential chondroprotective device in experimentally induced acute articular cartilage injury and repair in rabbits.
Academic Article Arthrotomy-based preclinical models of particle-induced osteolysis: A systematic review.
Academic Article Depressed bone mineralization following high dose TGF-beta1 application in an orthopedic implant model.
Academic Article Distribution of Young's modulus in the cancellous bone of the proximal canine tibia.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced micro-computed tomography of compartment and time-dependent changes in femoral cartilage and subchondral plate in a murine model of osteoarthritis.
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