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overview The Mary Lou Bell McGrew Presidential Professor for Medical Research. Chair, Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine (formerly, Anatomy and Cell Biology) Rush University Medical Center. My specific areas of research interest are bone regeneration, orthopedic implant fixation, and the role of bone in osteoarthritis. Current projects involve early detection and treatment for peri-implant osteolysis, bone matrix maturation, how microgravity affects bone properties, and novel imaging techniques for bone and cartilage with microcomputed tomography. I am the chair of the Department of Cell & Molecular Medicine and the Director of the Rush Microcomputed Tomography/Histology Core Lab. My ORCID is 0000-0001-9575-3862. My Scopus ID is 35458773300. My NIH COMMONS name is DRSUMNER Research Areas: Bone regeneration, implant fixation, osteoarthritis, microcomputed tomography. My Faculty Profile at Rush University Medical Center: My Laboratory: My NCBI Bibliography: My Scopus: My ORCID: Education: B.A., University of Iowa 1975 M.A., University of Arizona 1977 Ph.D., University of Arizona 1984

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Concept Bone Regeneration
Academic Article Locally delivered rhBMP-2 enhances bone ingrowth and gap healing in a canine model.
Academic Article Summary-Joint regeneration using functional tissue engineering.
Academic Article Aging does not lessen the effectiveness of TGFbeta2-enhanced bone regeneration.
Academic Article Bone ingrowth into the tibial component of a canine total condylar knee replacement prosthesis.
Academic Article Local application of rhTGF-beta2 enhances peri-implant bone volume and bone-implant contact in a rat model.
Academic Article Effect of hip hemiarthroplasty on articular cartilage and bone in a canine model.
Academic Article Anabolic agents and gene expression around the bone implant interface.
Academic Article Microstructural and strength evaluation of regenerate tissue during the consolidation period after vertical mandibular ramus distraction.
Academic Article Patterns and localization of gene expression during intramembranous bone regeneration in the rat femoral marrow ablation model.
Academic Article Biomimetic artificial ECMs stimulate bone regeneration.
Academic Article Temporal gene expression profiling during rat femoral marrow ablation-induced intramembranous bone regeneration.
Academic Article Adult stem cell mobilization enhances intramembranous bone regeneration: a pilot study.
Academic Article The enhancement of bone regeneration by gene activated matrix encoding for platelet derived growth factor.
Academic Article Combined use of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound and rhBMP-2 to enhance bone formation in a rat model of critical size defect.
Academic Article Incorporation of copper into chitosan scaffolds promotes bone regeneration in rat calvarial defects.
Academic Article Intramembranous bone regeneration differs among common inbred mouse strains following marrow ablation.
Academic Article A Pilot Study Evaluating Combinatorial and Simultaneous Delivery of Polyethylenimine-Plasmid DNA Complexes Encoding for VEGF and PDGF for Bone Regeneration in Calvarial Bone Defects.
Academic Article Chemically modified RNA activated matrices enhance bone regeneration.
Academic Article Intramembranous bone regeneration and implant placement using mechanical femoral marrow ablation: rodent models.
Academic Article Depressed bone mineralization following high dose TGF-beta1 application in an orthopedic implant model.
Academic Article Designer biomaterials: too much information?
Academic Article Locally delivered rhTGF-beta2 enhances bone ingrowth and bone regeneration at local and remote sites of skeletal injury.
Academic Article [Surface structures and bone ingrowth in cement-free fixed prostheses].
Academic Article Biologic factors affecting spinal fusion and bone regeneration.

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