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Concept Biomechanical Phenomena
Academic Article Are there biological markers for wear or corrosion? A systematic review.
Academic Article Bone mineral density in the proximal tibia varies as a function of static alignment and knee adduction angular momentum in individuals with medial knee osteoarthritis.
Academic Article The biomechanical effects of focused muscle training on medial knee loads in OA of the knee: a pilot, proof of concept study.
Academic Article Overexpression of DMP1 accelerates mineralization and alters cortical bone biomechanical properties in vivo.
Academic Article Methods for locating the tibio-femoral contact pathway in total knee replacements using marker-based gait analysis and standard radiography.
Academic Article Peri-implant bone formation and implant integration strength of peptide-modified p(AAM-co-EG/AAC) interpenetrating polymer network-coated titanium implants.
Academic Article The effect of enzymatically degradable IPN coatings on peri-implant bone formation and implant fixation.
Academic Article Sclerostin antibody increases bone volume and enhances implant fixation in a rat model.
Academic Article Bone density, dynamic joint loading and joint degeneration. A review.
Academic Article Modulation of bone ingrowth of rabbit femur titanium implants by in vivo axial micromechanical loading.
Academic Article Adaptation of subchondral bone in osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Bisphosphonate treatment affects trabecular bone apparent modulus through micro-architecture rather than matrix properties.
Academic Article Locally delivered rhTGF-beta2 enhances bone ingrowth and bone regeneration at local and remote sites of skeletal injury.
Academic Article Impacted particulate allograft for femoral revision total hip arthroplasty. In vitro mechanical stability and effects of cement pressurization.
Academic Article Experimental studies of bone remodeling in total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Nondestructive measurements of implant-bone interface shear modulus and effects of implant geometry in pull-out tests.
Academic Article Finite Element analyses to study periprosthetic bone adaptation.
Academic Article Biomechanics introduction. 1995 Focus Issue Meeting on Fusion.
Academic Article Implant surface alters compartmental-specific contributions to fixation strength in rats.
Academic Article Biomechanics of Implant Fixation in Osteoporotic Bone.
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