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Concept Osteolysis
Academic Article The biology of alternative bearing surfaces in total joint arthroplasty.
Academic Article The pathology of orthopedic implant failure is mediated by innate immune system cytokines.
Academic Article Modes of wear after semiconstrained total elbow arthroplasty.
Academic Article Biologic activity of wear particles.
Academic Article Biologic effects of implant debris.
Academic Article The acetabular insert-metal backing interface: an additional source of polyethylene wear debris.
Academic Article How has the biologic reaction to wear particles changed with newer bearing surfaces?
Academic Article Diagnosis and Management of Adverse Local Tissue Reactions Secondary to Corrosion at the Head-Neck Junction in Patients With Metal on Polyethylene Bearings.
Academic Article Cruciate-retaining TKA using a third-generation system with a four-pegged tibial component: a minimum 10-year followup note.
Academic Article The role of fibroblasts and fibroblast-derived factors in periprosthetic osteolysis.
Academic Article Successful long-term fixation and progression of osteolysis associated with first-generation cementless acetabular components retrieved post mortem.
Academic Article Trends in joint arthroplasty: minimally invasive surgery, wear-resistant materials, and biologics.
Academic Article Loosening and osteolysis associated with metal-on-metal bearings: A local effect of metal hypersensitivity?
Academic Article Spinal implant debris-induced osteolysis.
Academic Article Nanoscale surface modification by anodic oxidation increased bone ingrowth and reduced fibrous tissue in the porous coating of titanium-alloy femoral hip arthroplasty implants.
Academic Article TLR4 (not TLR2) dominate cognate TLR activity associated with CoCrMo implant particles.
Academic Article Adverse Local Tissue Reaction After a Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Prosthesis Without Elevated Serum Metal Ion Levels.
Academic Article CoCrMo alloy vs. UHMWPE Particulate Implant Debris Induces Sex Dependent Aseptic Osteolysis Responses In Vivo using a Murine Model.
Academic Article Discovery of biomarkers to identify peri-implant osteolysis before radiographic diagnosis.
Academic Article Metal-induced delayed type hypersensitivity responses potentiate particle induced osteolysis in a sex and age dependent manner.

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