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Concept Chromium
Academic Article Lymphocyte responses in patients with total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Serum metal levels and bearing surfaces in total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Fretting-corrosion behavior in hip implant modular junctions: The influence of friction energy and pH variation.
Academic Article Metal-on-metal bearing surfaces.
Academic Article Increasing both CoCrMo-alloy particle size and surface irregularity induces increased macrophage inflammasome activation in vitro potentially through lysosomal destabilization mechanisms.
Academic Article Corrosion at the head-neck taper as a cause for adverse local tissue reactions after total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Immune responses correlate with serum-metal in metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Differences in the fretting corrosion of metal-metal and ceramic-metal modular junctions of total hip replacements.
Academic Article Metal Hypersensitivity and Total Knee Arthroplasty.
Academic Article Effect of a second joint arthroplasty on metal ion levels after primary total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Do ion concentrations after metal-on-metal hip resurfacing increase over time? A prospective study.
Academic Article Wear-corrosion synergism in a CoCrMo hip bearing alloy is influenced by proteins.
Academic Article Metal ion levels in maternal and placental blood after metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Ten-year outcome of serum metal ion levels after primary total hip arthroplasty: a concise follow-up of a previous report*.
Academic Article Implant debris particle size affects serum protein adsorption which may contribute to particle size-based bioreactivity differences.
Academic Article Diagnosis and Management of Adverse Local Tissue Reactions Secondary to Corrosion at the Head-Neck Junction in Patients With Metal on Polyethylene Bearings.
Academic Article The relationship between activity and ions in patients with metal-on-metal bearing hip prostheses.
Academic Article Asymptomatic prospective and retrospective cohorts with metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty indicate acquired lymphocyte reactivity varies with metal ion levels on a group basis.
Academic Article Ion production and excretion in a patient with a metal-on-metal bearing hip prosthesis. A case report.
Academic Article CoCrMo metal-on-metal hip replacements.
Academic Article Soluble and particulate Co-Cr-Mo alloy implant metals activate the inflammasome danger signaling pathway in human macrophages: a novel mechanism for implant debris reactivity.
Academic Article Adverse local tissue reaction arising from corrosion at the femoral neck-body junction in a dual-taper stem with a cobalt-chromium modular neck.
Academic Article Does Surface Topography Play a Role in Taper Damage in Head-neck Modular Junctions?
Academic Article Serum Metal Levels for Diagnosis of Adverse Local Tissue Reactions Secondary to Corrosion in Metal-on-Polyethylene Total Hip Arthroplasty.
Academic Article Alloy Microstructure Dictates Corrosion Modes in THA Modular Junctions.
Academic Article In vitro simulation of fretting-corrosion in hip implant modular junctions: The influence of pH.
Academic Article Diagnosing Taper Corrosion: When Is It the Taper and When Is It Something Else?
Academic Article Chromium and Nickel Concentrations in Subjects with a Stainless Steel Metal-on-Metal Cervical Disc Arthroplasty: Results from a Prospective Longitudinal Study with 7 Years Follow-Up.
Academic Article Adverse Local Tissue Reaction due to Mechanically Assisted Crevice Corrosion Presenting as Late Instability Following Metal-on-Polyethylene Total Hip Arthroplasty.
Academic Article Modelling changes in modular taper micromechanics due to surgeon assembly technique in total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Echocardiographic Changes in the Context of Metal-on-Metal Versus Nonmetal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty.
Academic Article Risk Stratification Algorithm for Management of Head-Neck Taper Tribocorrosion in Patients with Metal-on-Polyethylene Total Hip Arthroplasty: Consensus Statement of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and The Hip Society.
Academic Article Are Damage Modes Related to Microstructure and Material Loss in Severely Damaged CoCrMo Femoral Heads?

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