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Concept Socioeconomic Factors
Academic Article Self-reported experiences of everyday discrimination are associated with elevated C-reactive protein levels in older African-American adults.
Academic Article Racial differences on association of depressive symptoms with combined basic and instrumental activities of daily living.
Academic Article Racial differences in the association of education with physical and cognitive function in older blacks and whites.
Academic Article Assessing family caregiver skill in managing behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Neighborhood-level cohesion and disorder: measurement and validation in two older adult urban populations.
Academic Article Demographic and Socioenvironmental Characteristics of Black and White Community-Dwelling Caregivers and Care Recipients' Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia.
Academic Article Hostility and change in cognitive function over time in older blacks and whites.
Academic Article Discrepancies between cognition and decision making in older adults.
Academic Article Racial disparities in disability: recent evidence from self-reported and performance-based disability measures in a population-based study of older adults.
Academic Article Cognitive activity and the cognitive morbidity of Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Cognitive decline and the neighborhood environment.
Academic Article Comparing the Effect of a Moderate Physical Activity Intervention on the Mental Health Outcomes of African American and Caucasian Dementia Family Caregivers: A Secondary Data Analysis.
Academic Article Financial and health literacy discrepancies with cognition in older adults.
Academic Article Neighborhood Socioeconomic Resources and Crime-Related Psychosocial Hazards, Stroke Risk, and Cognition in Older Adults.

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