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Academic Article Targeted brain proteomics uncover multiple pathways to Alzheimer's dementia.
Academic Article Integrating Gene and Protein Expression Reveals Perturbed Functional Networks in Alzheimer's Disease.
Academic Article cindr, the Drosophila Homolog of the CD2AP Alzheimer's Disease Risk Gene, Is Required for Synaptic Transmission and Proteostasis.
Academic Article Integrating human brain proteomes with genome-wide association data implicates new proteins in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis.
Academic Article Genetic control of the human brain proteome.
Academic Article Brain proteome-wide association study implicates novel proteins in depression pathogenesis.
Academic Article Enhancing Top-Down Proteomics of Brain Tissue with FAIMS.
Academic Article Proteomic Profiling of the Substantia Nigra to Identify Determinants of Lewy Body Pathology and Dopaminergic Neuronal Loss.
Academic Article Brain microRNAs are associated with variation in cognitive trajectory in advanced age.
Academic Article Inferring protein expression changes from mRNA in Alzheimer's dementia using deep neural networks.
Academic Article Large-scale deep multi-layer analysis of Alzheimer's disease brain reveals strong proteomic disease-related changes not observed at the RNA level.
Academic Article Proteome-wide discovery of cortical proteins that may provide motor resilience to offset the negative effects of pathologies in older adults.

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