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Academic Article Cognitive decline in prodromal Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article A longitudinal study of implicit and explicit memory in old persons.
Academic Article Cognitive decline in old age: separating retest effects from the effects of growing older.
Academic Article A common polymorphism near PER1 and the timing of human behavioral rhythms.
Academic Article Processing resources reduce the effect of Alzheimer pathology on other cognitive systems.
Academic Article Visuoperceptual repetition priming and progression of parkinsonian signs in aging.
Academic Article Early and late life cognitive activity and cognitive systems in old age.
Academic Article Neuropathological associates of multiple cognitive functions in two community-based cohorts of older adults.
Academic Article Object decision priming in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Hallucinations and associated factors in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Hemispheric differences in hippocampal volume predict verbal and spatial memory performance in patients with Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Neurodegenerative disease and cognitive retest learning.
Academic Article Postmortem neurodegenerative markers and trajectories of decline in cognitive systems.
Academic Article Proportion of cognitive loss attributable to terminal decline.
Academic Article Sensory integration deficits support a dimensional view of psychosis and are not limited to schizophrenia.
Academic Article Correlates of perceived stress among community-dwelling older African Americans.

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