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Academic Article The relation of lifetime cognitive activity and lifetime access to resources to late-life cognitive function in older African Americans.
Academic Article Assessment of lifetime participation in cognitively stimulating activities.
Academic Article Effect of a purpose in life on risk of incident Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment in community-dwelling older persons.
Academic Article A life course model of cognitive activities, socioeconomic status, education, reading ability, and cognition.
Academic Article The influence of cognitive decline on well-being in old age.
Academic Article Effect of purpose in life on the relation between Alzheimer disease pathologic changes on cognitive function in advanced age.
Academic Article Purpose in life is associated with mortality among community-dwelling older persons.
Academic Article The impact of health and financial literacy on decision making in community-based older adults.
Academic Article Purpose in life is associated with a reduced risk of incident disability among community-dwelling older persons.
Academic Article Effect of common neuropathologies on progression of late life cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Relation of driving status to incident life space constriction in community-dwelling older persons: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Cognitive leisure activities, but not watching TV, for future brain benefits.
Academic Article Disentangling the effects of age and APOE on neuropathology and late life cognitive decline.
Academic Article Negative social interactions and risk of mild cognitive impairment in old age.
Academic Article Much of late life cognitive decline is not due to common neurodegenerative pathologies.
Academic Article Purpose in life and cerebral infarcts in community-dwelling older people.
Academic Article Microvascular brain pathology and late-life motor impairment.
Academic Article Association between life space and risk of mortality in advanced age.
Academic Article Late-life depression is not associated with dementia-related pathology.
Academic Article Late-life Cognitive Activity and Dementia: A Systematic Review and Bias Analysis.
Academic Article Correlates of life space in a volunteer cohort of older adults.
Academic Article Late-life social activity and cognitive decline in old age.
Academic Article Postmortem MRI: a novel window into the neurobiology of late life cognitive decline.
Academic Article Relation of late-life social activity with incident disability among community-dwelling older adults.
Academic Article Smoking in midlife and dementia in old age: risk across the life course.
Academic Article Life space and risk of Alzheimer disease, mild cognitive impairment, and cognitive decline in old age.
Academic Article Cognitive and social lifestyle: links with neuropathology and cognition in late life.
Academic Article Education modifies the association of amyloid but not tangles with cognitive function.
Academic Article Terminal cognitive decline: accelerated loss of cognition in the last years of life.
Academic Article Early life socioeconomic status and late life risk of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Life-span cognitive activity, neuropathologic burden, and cognitive aging.
Academic Article Life extension factor klotho enhances cognition.
Academic Article Influence of late-life cognitive activity on cognitive health.
Academic Article Association between late-life social activity and motor decline in older adults.
Academic Article Early and late life cognitive activity and cognitive systems in old age.
Academic Article Early life instruction in foreign language and music and incidence of mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Brainstem aminergic nuclei and late-life depressive symptoms.
Academic Article Chronic distress, age-related neuropathology, and late-life dementia.
Academic Article Total daily physical activity and the risk of AD and cognitive decline in older adults.
Academic Article Personality Polygenes, Positive Affect, and Life Satisfaction.
Academic Article Association of Traumatic Brain Injury With Late-Life Neurodegenerative Conditions and Neuropathologic Findings.
Academic Article Blood pressure and late-life cognitive function change: a biracial longitudinal population study.
Academic Article Varied effects of age-related neuropathologies on the trajectory of late life cognitive decline.
Academic Article Purpose in Life and Hospitalization for Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Conditions in Old Age.
Academic Article Association Between Brain Gene Expression, DNA Methylation, and Alteration of Ex Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Transverse Relaxation in Late-Life Cognitive Decline.
Academic Article Neuropathologic features of TOMM40 '523 variant on late-life cognitive decline.
Academic Article Late-life blood pressure association with cerebrovascular and Alzheimer disease pathology.
Academic Article Hippocampal gene expression patterns linked to late-life physical activity oppose age and AD-related transcriptional decline.
Academic Article The synaptic pathology of cognitive life?.
Academic Article Late-life cognitive decline is associated with hippocampal volume, above and beyond its associations with traditional neuropathologic indices.
Academic Article Rate of brain aging and APOE e4 are synergistic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease.

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