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Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Concept Gene Expression Profiling
Concept Regulatory Elements, Transcriptional
Concept Genetic Pleiotropy
Concept Gene Regulatory Networks
Concept Multigene Family
Concept Genes, Tumor Suppressor
Concept Epistasis, Genetic
Concept Gene Expression
Concept Amino Acid Sequence
Concept Trinucleotide Repeat Expansion
Concept Gene Knock-In Techniques
Concept Genome, Human
Concept Gene Targeting
Concept Transcriptome
Concept Gene Rearrangement
Concept Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Concept Quantitative Trait Loci
Concept Gene Library
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic
Concept Sequence Homology, Amino Acid
Concept Gene-Environment Interaction
Concept Exome
Concept Genetic Loci
Concept Genome
Concept Pseudogenes
Concept Gene Frequency
Concept Gene Deletion
Concept Alleles
Concept Genes, Recessive
Concept Gene Knockdown Techniques
Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Concept Gene Dosage
Academic Article GWAS of longitudinal amyloid accumulation on 18F-florbetapir PET in Alzheimer's disease implicates microglial activation gene IL1RAP.
Academic Article Novel late-onset Alzheimer disease loci variants associate with brain gene expression.
Academic Article Sex difference in daily rhythms of clock gene expression in the aged human cerebral cortex.
Academic Article Sirtuin 1 reduction parallels the accumulation of tau in Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article An inflection point in gene discovery efforts for neurodegenerative diseases: from syndromic diagnoses toward endophenotypes and the epigenome.
Academic Article Genetic variation in the brain derived neurotrophic factor gene in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Variation in longevity gene KLOTHO is associated with greater cortical volumes.
Academic Article The significance of Pin1 in the development of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article 24-hour rhythms of DNA methylation and their relation with rhythms of RNA expression in the human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Common variants at 7p21 are associated with frontotemporal lobar degeneration with TDP-43 inclusions.
Academic Article APOE e4 and the associations of seafood and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids with cognitive decline.
Academic Article Genome-wide chromatin state transitions associated with developmental and environmental cues.
Academic Article REST and stress resistance in ageing and Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article ABCC9 gene polymorphism is associated with hippocampal sclerosis of aging pathology.
Academic Article The complex PrP(c)-Fyn couples human oligomeric A? with pathological tau changes in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Neuropathologic intermediate phenotypes enhance association to Alzheimer susceptibility alleles.
Academic Article Association of CR1, CLU and PICALM with Alzheimer's disease in a cohort of clinically characterized and neuropathologically verified individuals.
Academic Article Expression and functional profiling of neprilysin, insulin-degrading enzyme, and endothelin-converting enzyme in prospectively studied elderly and Alzheimer's brain.
Academic Article Brain erythropoietin receptor expression in Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Meta-analysis confirms CR1, CLU, and PICALM as alzheimer disease risk loci and reveals interactions with APOE genotypes.
Academic Article Cerebrovascular and microglial states are not altered by functional neuroinflammatory gene variant.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study identifies 74 loci associated with educational attainment.
Academic Article Higher brain BDNF gene expression is associated with slower cognitive decline in older adults.
Academic Article A coding variant in CR1 interacts with APOE-e4 to influence cognitive decline.
Academic Article Mitochondrial DNA rearrangements in aging human brain and in situ PCR of mtDNA.
Academic Article APOE e4 increases risk for dementia in pure synucleinopathies.
Academic Article New loci for body fat percentage reveal link between adiposity and cardiometabolic disease risk.
Academic Article The SORL1 gene and convergent neural risk for Alzheimer's disease across the human lifespan.
Academic Article Association of Long Runs of Homozygosity With Alzheimer Disease Among African American Individuals.
Academic Article Plasma Exosomal miRNAs in Persons with and without Alzheimer Disease: Altered Expression and Prospects for Biomarkers.
Academic Article Fragile X gene expansions are not associated with dementia.
Academic Article Glial heme oxygenase-1 expression in Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article The Role of MAPT Haplotype H2 and Isoform 1N/4R in Parkinsonism of Older Adults.
Academic Article GSK3? Interactions with Amyloid Genes: An Autopsy Verification and Extension.
Academic Article Genetic variants in Alzheimer disease - molecular and brain network approaches.
Academic Article Integrated systems approach identifies genetic nodes and networks in late-onset Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Is there a link between cancer and Alzheimer disease?
Academic Article The epigenome in Alzheimer's disease: current state and approaches for a new path to gene discovery and understanding disease mechanism.
Academic Article Apolipoprotein E epsilon4 and incidence of Alzheimer disease in a community population of older persons.
Academic Article The apolipoprotein E epsilon 2 allele and decline in episodic memory.
Academic Article Phosphorylation of the translation initiation factor eIF2alpha increases BACE1 levels and promotes amyloidogenesis.
Academic Article Genotype patterns at PICALM, CR1, BIN1, CLU, and APOE genes are associated with episodic memory.
Academic Article Alternative Approaches in Gene Discovery and Characterization in Alzheimer's Disease.
Academic Article A novel Alzheimer disease locus located near the gene encoding tau protein.
Academic Article GWAS for executive function and processing speed suggests involvement of the CADM2 gene.
Academic Article miR-132/212 deficiency impairs tau metabolism and promotes pathological aggregation in vivo.
Academic Article Gene expression elucidates functional impact of polygenic risk for schizophrenia.
Academic Article Differential transcriptome expression in human nucleus accumbens as a function of loneliness.
Academic Article Circadian alterations during early stages of Alzheimer's disease are associated with aberrant cycles of DNA methylation in BMAL1.
Academic Article A candidate regulatory variant at the TREM gene cluster associates with decreased Alzheimer's disease risk and increased TREML1 and TREM2 brain gene expression.
Academic Article A genome-wide profiling of brain DNA hydroxymethylation in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Polygenic risk scores in familial Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Selective lowering of synapsins induced by oligomeric a-synuclein exacerbates memory deficits.
Academic Article Rare coding variants in PLCG2, ABI3, and TREM2 implicate microglial-mediated innate immunity in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Diurnal and seasonal molecular rhythms in human neocortex and their relation to Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Identification of genes associated with dissociation of cognitive performance and neuropathological burden: Multistep analysis of genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptional data.
Academic Article Neuronal-expressed microRNA-targeted pseudogenes compete with coding genes in the human brain.
Academic Article Association Between Brain Gene Expression, DNA Methylation, and Alteration of Ex Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Transverse Relaxation in Late-Life Cognitive Decline.
Academic Article A human microglia-like cellular model for assessing the effects of neurodegenerative disease gene variants.
Academic Article Loneliness 5 years ante-mortem is associated with disease-related differential gene expression in postmortem dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article A transcriptomic atlas of aged human microglia.
Academic Article A Common DIO2 Polymorphism and Alzheimer Disease Dementia in African and European Americans.
Academic Article Cell-type Dependent Alzheimer's Disease Phenotypes: Probing the Biology of?Selective Neuronal Vulnerability.
Academic Article Elevated DNA methylation across a 48-kb region spanning the HOXA gene cluster is associated with Alzheimer's disease neuropathology.
Academic Article Integrated biology approach reveals molecular and pathological interactions among Alzheimer's A?42, Tau, TREM2, and TYROBP in Drosophila models.
Academic Article Genome-wide association of familial late-onset Alzheimer's disease replicates BIN1 and CLU and nominates CUGBP2 in interaction with APOE.
Academic Article Genetic association of low density lipoprotein receptor and Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article A molecular network of the aging human brain provides insights into the pathology and cognitive decline of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Gene expression and DNA methylation are extensively coordinated with MRI-based brain microstructural characteristics.
Academic Article The human brainome: network analysis identifies HSPA2 as a novel Alzheimer’s disease target.
Academic Article Multi-omic Directed Networks Describe Features of Gene Regulation in Aged Brains and Expand the Set of Genes Driving Cognitive Decline.
Academic Article Seasonal plasticity of cognition and related biological measures in adults with and without Alzheimer disease: Analysis of multiple cohorts.
Academic Article Integrative transcriptome analyses of the aging brain implicate altered splicing in Alzheimer's disease susceptibility.
Academic Article Candidate-based screening via gene modulation in human neurons and astrocytes implicates FERMT2 in A? and TAU proteostasis.
Academic Article Hippocampal gene expression patterns linked to late-life physical activity oppose age and AD-related transcriptional decline.
Academic Article Genome-wide association studies of alcohol dependence, DSM-IV criterion count and individual criteria.
Academic Article Brain expression of the vascular endothelial growth factor gene family in cognitive aging and alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Integrating Gene and Protein Expression Reveals Perturbed Functional Networks in Alzheimer's Disease.
Academic Article TIGAR: An Improved Bayesian Tool for Transcriptomic Data Imputation Enhances Gene Mapping of Complex Traits.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study identifies genetic loci associated with specific lobar brain volumes.
Academic Article cindr, the Drosophila Homolog of the CD2AP Alzheimer's Disease Risk Gene, Is Required for Synaptic Transmission and Proteostasis.
Academic Article APOE e4-specific associations of VEGF gene family expression with cognitive aging and Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Rate of brain aging and APOE e4 are synergistic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Bayesian integrative analysis of epigenomic and transcriptomic data identifies Alzheimer's disease candidate genes and networks.
Academic Article Large-scale proteomic analysis of Alzheimer's disease brain and cerebrospinal fluid reveals early changes in energy metabolism associated with microglia and astrocyte activation.
Academic Article Genetics of Gene Expression in the Aging Human Brain Reveal TDP-43 Proteinopathy Pathophysiology.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of rate of cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease patients identifies novel genes and pathways.
Academic Article Meta-Analysis of the Alzheimer's Disease Human Brain Transcriptome and Functional Dissection in Mouse Models.
Academic Article Deconvolving the contributions of cell-type heterogeneity on cortical gene expression.
Academic Article Integration of postmortem amygdala expression profiling, GWAS, and functional cell culture assays: neuroticism-associated synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A (SV2A) gene is regulated by miR-133a and miR-218.
Academic Article Bayesian Genome-wide TWAS Method to Leverage both cis- and trans-eQTL Information through Summary Statistics.
Academic Article Genetic Factors of Alzheimer's Disease Modulate How Diet is Associated with Long-Term Cognitive Trajectories: A UK Biobank Study.
Academic Article Single-cell transcriptomic analysis of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Genetic control of the human brain proteome.
Academic Article Genome sequencing analysis identifies new loci associated with Lewy body dementia and provides insights into its genetic architecture.
Academic Article Novel Variance-Component TWAS method for studying complex human diseases with applications to Alzheimer's dementia.
Academic Article Neuronal ApoE upregulates MHC-I expression to drive selective neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Bile acid synthesis, modulation, and dementia: A metabolomic, transcriptomic, and pharmacoepidemiologic study.
Academic Article A Genetic Study of Cerebral Atherosclerosis Reveals Novel Associations with NTNG1 and CNOT3.
Academic Article Integrative brain transcriptome analysis links complement component 4 and HSPA2 to the APOE e2 protective effect in Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Cascading epigenomic analysis for identifying disease genes from the regulatory landscape of GWAS variants.
Academic Article Atlas of RNA editing events affecting protein expression in aged and Alzheimer's disease human brain tissue.
Academic Article Integration of GWAS and brain transcriptomic analyses in a multiethnic sample of 35,245 older adults identifies DCDC2 gene as predictor of episodic memory maintenance.
Academic Article Blood and brain transcriptome analysis reveals APOE genotype-mediated and immune-related pathways involved in Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Genotype-phenotype correlation of T-cell subtypes reveals senescent and cytotoxic genes in Alzheimer's disease.
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