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Concept Cerebrovascular Disorders
Academic Article Cerebrovascular disease pathology and parkinsonian signs in old age.
Academic Article APOE e4, Alzheimer's disease pathology, cerebrovascular disease, and cognitive change over the years prior to death.
Academic Article Relation of cerebral vessel disease to Alzheimer's disease dementia and cognitive function in elderly people: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article The association of magnetic resonance imaging measures with cognitive function in a biracial population sample.
Academic Article Associations of cerebrovascular and Alzheimer's disease pathology with brain atrophy.
Academic Article Where vascular meets neurodegenerative disease.
Academic Article Neuropathological associates of multiple cognitive functions in two community-based cohorts of older adults.
Academic Article Parkinsonian signs in subjects with mild cognitive impairment.
Academic Article Risk of incident clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease-type dementia attributable to pathology-confirmed vascular disease.
Academic Article Mild Parkinsonian signs: An overview of an emerging concept.
Academic Article Late-life blood pressure association with cerebrovascular and Alzheimer disease pathology.
Academic Article APOE genotypes as a risk factor for age-dependent accumulation of cerebrovascular disease in older adults.
Academic Article Neuropathologic Correlates of White Matter Hyperintensities in a Community-Based Cohort of Older Adults.
Academic Article Normative Cognitive Decline in Old Age.
Academic Article Person-Specific Contributions of Brain Pathologies to Progressive Parkinsonism in Older Adults.
Academic Article Paroxysmal dyskinesias secondary to cerebral vascular disease--reversal with aspirin.
Academic Article Public health importance of vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease with cerebrovascular disease.
Academic Article Brain insulin signaling and cerebrovascular disease in human postmortem brain.
Academic Article The association of epigenetic clocks in brain tissue with brain pathologies and common aging phenotypes.
Academic Article Complex Profiles of Cerebrovascular Disease Pathologies in the Aging Brain and Their Relationship With Cognitive Decline.

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