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Concept Biomechanical Phenomena
Academic Article Biomechanical fixation in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.
Academic Article A biomechanical analysis of anterior Bankart repair using suture anchors.
Academic Article Biomechanical similarities among subscapularis repairs after shoulder arthroplasty.
Academic Article A biomechanical analysis of shoulder stabilization: posteroinferior glenohumeral capsular plication.
Academic Article A biomechanical comparison of repair techniques for complete gluteus medius tears.
Academic Article Correlation of pelvic incidence with cam and pincer lesions.
Academic Article Labral reconstruction with iliotibial band autografts and semitendinosus allografts improves hip joint contact area and contact pressure: an in vitro analysis.
Academic Article Biomechanical Evaluation of Capsulotomy, Capsulectomy, and Capsular Repair on Hip Rotation.
Academic Article Effects of acetabular rim trimming on hip joint contact pressures: how much is too much?
Academic Article Impact of Femoroacetabular Impingement Morphology on Gait Assessment in Symptomatic Patients.
Academic Article Capsulotomy Size Affects Hip Joint Kinematic Stability.
Academic Article Editorial Commentary: What Irks a Hip Arthroscopist? Intraoperative Anchor Failure.
Academic Article A Cadaveric Study of Cam-Type Femoroacetabular Impingement: Biomechanical Comparison of Contact Pressures Between Cam Morphology, Partial Femoral Osteoplasty, and Complete Femoral Osteoplasty.
Academic Article Comparison of Suction Seal and Contact Pressures Between 270° Labral Reconstruction, Labral Repair, and the Intact Labrum.
Academic Article Capsular Management Techniques and Hip Arthroscopy.

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