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Concept Gram-Negative Bacteria
Academic Article Effectiveness of routine patient cleansing with chlorhexidine gluconate for infection prevention in the medical intensive care unit.
Academic Article Delay of active antimicrobial therapy and mortality among patients with bacteremia: impact of severe neutropenia.
Academic Article The effect of interleukin-6 on bacterial translocation in acute canine pancreatitis.
Academic Article Impact of ring wearing on hand contamination and comparison of hand hygiene agents in a hospital.
Academic Article Multicenter intervention program to increase adherence to hand hygiene recommendations and glove use and to reduce the incidence of antimicrobial resistance.
Academic Article Recommendations for metrics for multidrug-resistant organisms in healthcare settings: SHEA/HICPAC Position paper .
Academic Article In memoriam: John P. Quinn, MD.
Academic Article Antibiotic resistance among gram-negative bacilli in US intensive care units: implications for fluoroquinolone use.
Academic Article Gram-negative bacilli in human milk feedings: quantitation and clinical consequences for premature infants.
Academic Article Antibiotic-resistant flora in nursing home patients admitted to the hospital.
Academic Article Utility of serial rectal swab cultures for detection of ceftazidime- and imipenem-resistant gram-negative bacilli from patients in the intensive care unit.
Academic Article Bowel colonization with resistant gram-negative bacilli after antimicrobial therapy of intra-abdominal infections: observations from two randomized comparative clinical trials of ertapenem therapy.

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