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Concept Weight Perception
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Concept Form Perception
Concept Color Perception
Concept Time Perception
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Concept Perception
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Concept Space Perception
Academic Article Heading perception in patients with advanced retinitis pigmentosa.
Academic Article The visual specification of events: a response to Ullman.
Academic Article The role of central and peripheral vision in perceiving the direction of self-motion.
Academic Article On the sufficiency of the velocity field for perception of heading.
Academic Article Perception of circular heading from optical flow.
Academic Article Age differences in perceiving the direction of self-motion from optical flow.
Academic Article Visual guidance of walking through apertures: body-scaled information for affordances.
Academic Article Perception of translational heading from optical flow.
Academic Article The way the ball bounces: visual and auditory perception of elasticity and control of the bounce pass.
Academic Article Perceiving affordances: visual guidance of stair climbing.
Academic Article Auditory perception of breaking and bouncing events: a case study in ecological acoustics.
Academic Article Visual perception of relative mass in dynamic events.
Academic Article Visual control of braking: a test of the tau hypothesis.
Academic Article Perceiving heading in the presence of moving objects.
Academic Article Visual control of posture during walking: functional specificity.
Academic Article Visual control of braking in goal-directed action and sport.
Academic Article Perception of heading is a brain in the neck.
Academic Article Perception of heading during rotation: sufficiency of dense motion parallax and reference objects.
Academic Article Optic flow is used to control human walking.
Academic Article Path integration from optic flow and body senses in a homing task.
Academic Article A visual equalization strategy for locomotor control: of honeybees, robots, and humans.
Academic Article Size scaling: retinal or environmental frame of reference?
Academic Article Retinal flow is sufficient for steering during observer rotation.
Academic Article Delayed auditory feedback and rhythmic tapping: evidence for a critical interval shift.
Academic Article Virtual reality in behavioral neuroscience and beyond.
Academic Article Behavioral dynamics of steering, obstacle avoidance, and route selection.
Academic Article Path perception during rotation: influence of instructions, depth range, and dot density.
Academic Article Visual guidance of intercepting a moving target on foot.
Academic Article Comparing 2D vector field visualization methods: a user study.
Academic Article Do humans integrate routes into a cognitive map? Map- versus landmark-based navigation of novel shortcuts.
Academic Article The dynamics of perception and action.
Academic Article Kinematic adaptation to sudden changes in visual task constraints during reciprocal aiming.
Academic Article Humans do not switch between path knowledge and landmarks when learning a new environment.
Academic Article Behavioral dynamics of intercepting a moving target.
Academic Article Visual flow influences gait transition speed and preferred walking speed.
Academic Article Learning new perception-action solutions in virtual ball bouncing.
Academic Article How do animals get about by vision? Visually controlled locomotion and orientation after 50 years.
Academic Article Catching fly balls in virtual reality: a critical test of the outfielder problem.
Academic Article Distal attribution and distance perception in sensory substitution.
Academic Article Passive vs. active control of rhythmic ball bouncing: the role of visual information.
Academic Article Does this computational theory solve the right problem? Marr, Gibson, and the goal of vision.
Academic Article Mixed control for perception and action: timing and error correction in rhythmic ball-bouncing.
Academic Article Active and passive spatial learning in human navigation: acquisition of survey knowledge.
Academic Article Does the human odometer use an extrinsic or intrinsic metric?
Academic Article Follow the leader: visual control of speed in pedestrian following.
Academic Article Entrainment to a real time fractal visual stimulus modulates fractal gait dynamics.
Academic Article From cognitive maps to cognitive graphs.
Academic Article Active and passive spatial learning in human navigation: acquisition of graph knowledge.
Academic Article On-line and model-based approaches to the visual control of action.
Academic Article How you get there from here: interaction of visual landmarks and path integration in human navigation.
Academic Article Rotational error in path integration: encoding and execution errors in angle reproduction.
Academic Article Intercepting a moving target: On-line or model-based control?
Academic Article Wormholes in virtual space: From cognitive maps to cognitive graphs.
Academic Article What color are emergency exit signs? Egress behavior differs from verbal report.
Academic Article Non-Euclidean navigation.
Academic Article Are avatars treated like human obstacles during aperture crossing in virtual environments?
Academic Article Information Is Where You Find It: Perception as an Ecologically Well-Posed Problem.
Academic Article A day at the beach: Does visually perceived distance depend on the energetic cost of walking?

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