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Academic Article Lack of a hypotensive effect with rapid administration of a new aqueous formulation of intravenous amiodarone.
Academic Article The provisional approval step.
Academic Article Comparative effects of rapid bolus administration of aqueous amiodarone versus 10-minute cordarone I.v. infusion on mean arterial blood pressure in conscious dogs.
Academic Article Late stent thrombosis: problem or not?
Academic Article FDA user fees and innovation.
Academic Article The clinical pharmacology of ethacrynic acid.
Academic Article Developing a safe intravenous sotalol dosing regimen.
Academic Article Proposed accelerated FDA approvals for special medical use.
Academic Article Refractory heart failure. Comparison of time course of action of sublingual nitroglycerin and isosorbide dinitrate, oral or sublingual.
Academic Article The antiarrhythmic effects of quinidine and propranolol in the ouabain-intoxicated spinally transected cat.
Academic Article A comparison of tablets with oral suspension formulation of dipyridamole in thallium myocardial imaging.
Academic Article Safety and efficacy of flestolol, a new ultrashort-acting beta-adrenergic blocking agent, for supraventricular tachyarrhythmias.
Academic Article The antiarrhythmic effects of d-sotalol.
Academic Article QT prolongation and the antiarrhythmic efficacy of amiodarone.
Academic Article Flecainide: long-term treatment using a reduced dosing schedule.
Academic Article The influence of spinal cord transection on the capacity of digitoxin to induce cardiotoxicity.
Academic Article Can nitroglycerin convert effort-induced angina in men into silent myocardial ischemia?
Academic Article Effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme therapy on QT interval dispersion.
Academic Article Hemodynamic and surface electrocardiographic effects of a new aqueous formulation of intravenous amiodarone.

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