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Concept Auditory Perception
Concept Time Perception
Concept Speech Perception
Academic Article Variable perception of white noise in ambiguous phonetic contexts: the case of /p/ and /f/.
Academic Article Perceiving the speech of multiple concurrent talkers in a combined divided and selective attention task.
Academic Article Identification of environmental sounds with varying spectral resolution.
Academic Article Development of a large-item environmental sound test and the effects of short-term training with spectrally-degraded stimuli.
Academic Article The role of native-language phonology in the auditory word identification and visual word recognition of Russian-English bilinguals.
Academic Article Perception of environmental sounds by experienced cochlear implant patients.
Academic Article The incongruency advantage for environmental sounds presented in natural auditory scenes.
Academic Article Perception of interrupted speech: cross-rate variation in the intelligibility of gated and concatenated sentences.
Academic Article Perception of interrupted speech: effects of dual-rate gating on the intelligibility of words and sentences.
Academic Article Effects of age and hearing loss on the relationship between discrimination of stochastic frequency modulation and speech perception.
Academic Article The influence of environmental sound training on the perception of spectrally degraded speech and environmental sounds.
Academic Article Perceptual confusions of American-English vowels and consonants by native Arabic bilinguals.
Academic Article Auditory and cognitive effects of aging on perception of environmental sounds in natural auditory scenes.
Academic Article Reliability measure of a clinical test: Appreciation of Music in Cochlear Implantees (AMICI).
Academic Article Spatial and temporal modifications of multitalker speech can improve speech perception in older adults.
Academic Article Environmental sound training in cochlear implant users.
Academic Article Effects of age and hearing loss on the intelligibility of interrupted speech.
Academic Article Discrimination of Stochastic Frequency Modulation by Cochlear Implant Users.
Academic Article Predicting the timing of dynamic events through sound: Bouncing balls.
Academic Article The intelligibility of interrupted and temporally altered speech: Effects of context, age, and hearing loss.
Academic Article Discrimination of static and dynamic spectral patterns by children and young adults in relationship to speech perception in noise.
Academic Article Toward a Nonspeech Test of Auditory Cognition: Semantic Context Effects in Environmental Sound Identification in Adults of Varying Age and Hearing Abilities.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Environmental Sound Awareness and Speech Recognition Skills in Experienced Cochlear Implant Users.
Academic Article Relating quality of life to outcomes and predictors in adult cochlear implant users: Are we measuring the right things?
Academic Article Environmental Sound Awareness in Experienced Cochlear Implant Users and Cochlear Implant Candidates.
Academic Article How does aging affect recognition of spectrally degraded speech?
Academic Article Perceptual Organization of Interrupted Speech and Text.
Academic Article Development of the Basic Auditory Skills Evaluation Battery for Online Testing of Cochlear Implant Listeners.
Academic Article A Longitudinal Comparison of Environmental Sound Recognition in Adults With Hearing Aids Before and After Cochlear Implantation.
Academic Article Perception of Environmental Sounds in Cochlear Implant Users: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Online Assessment of Speech Perception and Auditory Spectrotemporal Processing in Spanish-English Bilinguals.

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