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Concept Membrane Fusion
Academic Article The cytoplasmic tail slows the folding of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Env from a late prebundle configuration into the six-helix bundle.
Academic Article Ternary complex formation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Env, CD4, and chemokine receptor captured as an intermediate of membrane fusion.
Academic Article Fusion induced by a class II viral fusion protein, semliki forest virus E1, is dependent on the voltage of the target cell.
Academic Article Negative potentials across biological membranes promote fusion by class II and class III viral proteins.
Academic Article HIV-1 envelope proteins complete their folding into six-helix bundles immediately after fusion pore formation.
Academic Article The hemifusion structure induced by influenza virus haemagglutinin is determined by physical properties of the target membranes.
Academic Article Teardrop shapes minimize bending energy of fusion pores connecting planar bilayers.
Academic Article Implications of a fusion peptide structure.
Academic Article A quantitative model for membrane fusion based on low-energy intermediates.
Academic Article A specific point mutant at position 1 of the influenza hemagglutinin fusion peptide displays a hemifusion phenotype.
Academic Article New fluorescent lysolipids: preparation and selective labeling of inner liposome leaflet.
Academic Article Selective labeling of the inner liposome leaflet by fluorescent lipid probes, and studies of liposome fusion with influenza virus.
Academic Article Membrane fusion by the influenza hemagglutinin: the fusion pore.
Academic Article Exocytotic fusion pores exhibit semi-stable states.
Academic Article Fusion of influenza virions with a planar lipid membrane detected by video fluorescence microscopy.
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