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Concept Sodium-Hydrogen Exchangers
Concept Sodium-Potassium-Exchanging ATPase
Concept Sodium-Calcium Exchanger
Concept Sodium
Concept Sodium Channels
Academic Article Acute exposure to thyroid hormone increases Na+ current and intracellular Ca2+ in cat atrial myocytes.
Academic Article Integration of rapid cytosolic Ca2+ signals by mitochondria in cat ventricular myocytes.
Academic Article Measuring mitochondrial function in intact cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Palytoxin disrupts cardiac excitation-contraction coupling through interactions with P-type ion pumps.
Academic Article Na/K pump-induced [Na](i) gradients in rat ventricular myocytes measured with two-photon microscopy.
Academic Article Redox regulation of cardiac calcium channels and transporters.
Academic Article Ginsenoside Re suppresses electromechanical alternans in cat and human cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article Mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake: tortoise or hare?
Academic Article Effects of mitochondrial uncoupling on Ca(2+) signaling during excitation-contraction coupling in atrial myocytes.
Academic Article Estimation of intracellular free magnesium using ion-selective microelectrodes: evidence for an Na/Mg exchange mechanism in skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Intracellular pH regulation in ferret ventricular muscle. The role of Na-H exchange and the influence of metabolic substrates.
Academic Article Intracellular free magnesium in frog skeletal muscle studied with a new type of magnesium-selective microelectrode: interactions between magnesium and sodium in the regulation of [Mg]i.
Academic Article Sodium/calcium exchange and calcium buffering in mammalian ventricular muscle.
Academic Article Sodium/calcium exchange in ventricular muscle.
Academic Article Estimation of the upper limit of the free magnesium concentration measured with Mg-sensitive microelectrodes in ferret ventricular muscle: (1) use of the Nicolsky-Eisenman equation and (2) in calibrating solutions of the appropriate concentration.
Academic Article Time-dependent modulation of capacitative Ca2+ entry signals by plasma membrane Ca2+ pump in endothelium.
Academic Article Confocal near-membrane detection of calcium in cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Dynamic regulation of [Ca2+]i by plasma membrane Ca(2+)-ATPase and Na+/Ca2+ exchange during capacitative Ca2+ entry in bovine vascular endothelial cells.
Academic Article Intracellular sodium modulates mitochondrial calcium signaling in vascular endothelial cells.
Academic Article Intracellular Ca2+ release sparks atrial pacemaker activity.
Academic Article Regulation of junctional and non-junctional sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium release in excitation-contraction coupling in cat atrial myocytes.
Academic Article Dyssynchronous calcium removal in heart failure-induced atrial remodeling.
Academic Article Triggered Ca2+ Waves Induce Depolarization of Maximum Diastolic Potential and Action Potential Prolongation in Dog Atrial Myocytes.
Academic Article L-type Ca2+ channel recovery from inactivation in rabbit atrial myocytes.
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