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Concept Chondrocytes
Academic Article Aggrecanolysis in human osteoarthritis: confocal localization and biochemical characterization of ADAMTS5-hyaluronan complexes in articular cartilages.
Academic Article Human genome-wide expression analysis reorients the study of inflammatory mediators and biomechanics in osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Variations in matrix composition and GAG fine structure among scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article ADAMTS5-mediated aggrecanolysis in murine epiphyseal chondrocyte cultures.
Academic Article Superficial zone chondrocytes in normal and osteoarthritic human articular cartilages synthesize novel truncated forms of inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chains which are attached to a chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan other than bikunin.
Academic Article Co-culture of mechanically injured cartilage with joint capsule tissue alters chondrocyte expression patterns and increases ADAMTS5 production.
Academic Article Mechanical injury potentiates proteoglycan catabolism induced by interleukin-6 with soluble interleukin-6 receptor and tumor necrosis factor alpha in immature bovine and adult human articular cartilage.
Academic Article Adult equine bone marrow stromal cells produce a cartilage-like ECM mechanically superior to animal-matched adult chondrocytes.
Academic Article The relationship between fibrogenic TGFß1 signaling in the joint and cartilage degradation in post-injury osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Deletion of ADAMTS5 does not affect aggrecan or versican degradation but promotes glucose uptake and proteoglycan synthesis in murine adipose derived stromal cells.
Academic Article Studies on the hyaluronate binding properties of newly synthesized proteoglycans purified from articular chondrocyte cultures.
Academic Article Synthesis of small proteoglycans substituted with keratan sulfate by rabbit articular chondrocytes.
Academic Article Biosynthesis of cartilage proteoglycan and link protein by articular chondrocytes from immature and mature rabbits.
Academic Article The biosynthetic response of the mature chondrocyte in early osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Proteoglycan aggregate formation by articular chondrocytes. Decrease in link-protein synthesis during culture.
Academic Article In vivo and in vitro stimulation of chondrocyte biosynthetic activity in early experimental osteoarthritis.
Academic Article Age-related decrease in the link-stability of proteoglycan aggregates formed by articular chondrocytes.
Academic Article Glycosaminoglycan addition to proteoglycans by articular chondrocytes--evidence for core protein-specific pathways.
Academic Article Biosynthetic mechanisms for the addition of polylactosamine to chondrocyte fibromodulin.

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