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Concept Asthma
Academic Article Association of recurrent wheezing with sensitivity to cockroach allergen in inner-city children.
Academic Article Safety, tolerability, and exploratory efficacy of montelukast in 6- to 24-month-old patients with asthma.
Academic Article A community-based study of tobacco smoke exposure among inner-city children with asthma in Chicago.
Academic Article Effect of vitamin D3 on asthma treatment failures in adults with symptomatic asthma and lower vitamin D levels: the VIDA randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Acetaminophen versus Ibuprofen in Young Children with Mild Persistent Asthma.
Academic Article Individualized therapy for persistent asthma in young children.
Academic Article Race is associated with differences in airway inflammation in patients with asthma.
Academic Article Quintupling Inhaled Glucocorticoids to Prevent Childhood Asthma Exacerbations.
Academic Article Glutathione and arginine levels: Predictors for acetaminophen-associated asthma exacerbation?
Academic Article Serum vitamin A, zinc and visual function in children with moderate to severe persistent asthma.
Academic Article Challenges in assessing the efficacy of systemic corticosteroids for severe wheezing episodes in preschool children.
Academic Article Loss of bronchoprotection with ICS plus LABA treatment, ?-receptor dynamics, and the effect of alendronate.
Academic Article Mometasone or Tiotropium in Mild Asthma with a Low Sputum Eosinophil Level.
Academic Article Step-Up Therapy in Black Children and Adults with Poorly Controlled Asthma.
Academic Article Tobacco exposure and asthma morbidity in Puerto Ricans and Mexican Americans.
Academic Article The precision interventions for severe and/or exacerbation-prone asthma (PrecISE) adaptive platform trial: statistical considerations.
Academic Article Adherence rates during a randomized controlled trial evaluating the use of blinded acetaminophen and ibuprofen in children with asthma.
Academic Article PrecISE: Precision Medicine in Severe Asthma: An adaptive platform trial with biomarker ascertainment.
Academic Article The Precision Interventions for Severe and/or Exacerbation-Prone (PrecISE) Asthma Network: An overview of Network organization, procedures, and interventions.
Academic Article Evaluation of salivary alpha-amylase as a potential biomarker of inhaled ?2-agonist response.

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