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Academic Article Effectiveness, efficiency, duration, and costs of recruiting for an African American women's lifestyle physical activity program.
Academic Article The Cost of Increasing Physical Activity and Maintaining Weight for Midlife Sedentary African American Women.
Academic Article Point-of-care technology supports bedside documentation.
Academic Article Depression predicts repeated heart failure hospitalizations.
Academic Article Socioeconomic status, energy cost, and nutrient content of supermarket food purchases.
Academic Article Cost of morbidities in very low birth weight infants.
Academic Article The institutional cost of acquiring 100 mL of human milk for very low birth weight infants in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article Empirical analysis of domestic medical travel for elective cardiovascular procedures.
Academic Article Economic benefits and costs of human milk feedings: a strategy to reduce the risk of prematurity-related morbidities in very-low-birth-weight infants.
Academic Article Cost savings of human milk as a strategy to reduce the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis in very low birth weight infants.
Academic Article Factors related to complications among adult patients with intellectual disabilities hospitalized at an academic medical center.
Academic Article Management Options and Outcomes for Neonatal Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome in the Early Twenty-First Century.
Academic Article Medicaid beneficiaries who continue to use the ED: a focus on the Illinois Medical Home Network.
Academic Article Uninsured children: how we count matters.
Academic Article The downstream financial effect of hepatology.
Academic Article The effects of cost-shifting in the state children's heath insurance program.
Academic Article Managed care and clinical autonomy in the workers' compensation market.
Academic Article Medicaid prescription formulary restrictions and arthritis treatment costs.
Academic Article Evaluating the effect of resident involvement on physician productivity in an academic general internal medicine practice.
Academic Article The use of patient satisfaction surveys and alternative coding procedures to predict malpractice risk.
Academic Article Change in MS-DRG assignment and hospital reimbursement as a result of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid changes in payment for hospital-acquired conditions: is it coding or quality?
Academic Article Impact of medical travel on imports and exports of medical services.
Academic Article International medical travelers, length of stay, and the continuum of care: inquiry and comparison.
Academic Article Hospital care may not affect the risk of readmission.
Academic Article Effects of an enhanced discharge planning intervention for hospitalized older adults: a randomized trial.
Academic Article Electronic quality measurement predicts outcomes in community acquired pneumonia.
Academic Article Impact of a combined pharmacist and social worker program to reduce hospital readmissions.
Academic Article Defining world-class care in academic medicine: enablers and challenges.
Academic Article Care provider perspectives on medical travel: A three-country study of destination hospitals.
Academic Article Patient safety intervention to reduce unnecessary red blood cell utilization.
Academic Article Integration of Palliative Care Advanced Practice Nurses Into Intensive Care Unit Teams.
Academic Article Influence of own mother's milk on bronchopulmonary dysplasia and costs.
Academic Article Evidence-Based Methods That Promote Human Milk Feeding of Preterm Infants: An Expert Review.
Academic Article Palliative Workforce Development and a Regional Training Program.
Academic Article NICU Human Milk Dose and 20-Month Neurodevelopmental Outcome in Very Low Birth Weight Infants.
Academic Article Practice Innovation, Health Care Utilization and Costs in a Network of Federally Qualified Health Centers and Hospitals for Medicaid Enrollees.
Academic Article Efficacy of a Transition Clinic on Hospital Readmissions.
Academic Article NICU human milk dose and health care use after NICU discharge in very low birth weight infants.
Academic Article Mediators of racial and ethnic disparity in mother's own milk feeding in very low birth weight infants.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic disparity in palliative care and hospice use.
Academic Article The Economic Impact of Donor Milk in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Academic Article Understanding Student Preferences in the Selection of a Graduate Allied Health Program: A Conjoint Analysis Study.
Academic Article Racial and socioeconomic disparities in breast milk feedings in US neonatal intensive care units.
Academic Article The Financial Impact of a Partnership Between an Academic Medical Center and a Free Clinic.
Academic Article Study protocol for reducing disparity in receipt of mother's own milk in very low birth weight infants (ReDiMOM): a randomized trial to improve adherence to sustained maternal breast pump use.
Academic Article Are We Ready for a New Approach to Comparing Coverage and Reimbursement Policies for Medical Nutrition in Key Markets: An ISPOR Special Interest Group Report.

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