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Concept Cardiac Surgical Procedures
Academic Article Increased airway mucins after cardiopulmonary bypass associated with postoperative respiratory complications in children.
Academic Article Control chart methods for monitoring cardiac surgical performance and their interpretation.
Academic Article Prosthetic valve endocarditis.
Academic Article Ascending aorta or arch surgery: is previous cardiac surgery a risk factor?
Academic Article Influence of tracheobronchomalacia on outcome of surgery in children with congenital heart disease and its management.
Academic Article Letter by Miceli et al regarding article, "Risk of assessing mortality risk in elective cardiac operations: age, creatinine, ejection fraction, and the law of parsimony".
Academic Article Transcriptomic analysis of patients with tetralogy of Fallot reveals the effect of chronic hypoxia on myocardial gene expression.
Academic Article Surgical approach for aortic coarctation influences arterial compliance and blood pressure control.
Academic Article Reverse subclavian flap and aorto-pulmonary window technique for repair of interrupted aortic arch and truncus arteriosus.
Academic Article Effect of normothermic cardiopulmonary bypass on renal injury in pediatric cardiac surgery: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Controlled reoxygenation during cardiopulmonary bypass decreases markers of organ damage, inflammation, and oxidative stress in single-ventricle patients undergoing pediatric heart surgery.
Academic Article Preoperative anemia increases mortality and postoperative morbidity after cardiac surgery.
Academic Article Surgery for simple and complex subaortic stenosis in children and young adults: results from a prospective, procedure-based national database.
Academic Article Longer-term outcome of perventricular device closure of muscular ventricular septal defects in children.
Academic Article Circulating MicroRNAs as new biomarkers of ischaemia/reperfusion injury during cardiac surgery.
Academic Article Cardioprotection during Adult and Pediatric Open Heart Surgery.
Academic Article Cold blood versus cold crystalloid cardioplegia for repair of ventricular septal defects in pediatric heart surgery: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Staged interventional and surgical management for complex low birthweight tetralogy of Fallot: another imperfect but legitimate strategy.
Academic Article Surgical repair of left ventricular pseudoaneurysm following perventricular device closure of muscular ventricular septal defect.
Academic Article Modulating microRNAs in cardiac surgery patients: Novel therapeutic opportunities?
Academic Article Carbon Dioxide Insufflation During Cardiac Surgery: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials.
Academic Article Impact of body mass index on outcomes following mitral surgery: does an obesity paradox exist?
Academic Article Amnion-Based Scaffold with Enhanced Strength and Biocompatibility for In Vivo Vascular Repair.
Academic Article Normothermic versus hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass in low-risk paediatric heart surgery: a randomised controlled trial.
Academic Article MicroRNAs as potential biomarkers in congenital heart surgery.
Academic Article Body mass index and early outcomes following mitral valve surgery for degenerative disease.
Academic Article Multicenter Experience With 500 CardioCel Implants Used for the Repair of Congenital Heart Defects.
Academic Article The Peacock study: feasibility of the dynamic characterisation of the paediatric hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function during and after cardiac surgery.
Academic Article Machine learning improves mortality risk prediction after cardiac surgery: Systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Intermittent antegrade warm-blood versus cold-blood cardioplegia in children undergoing open heart surgery: a protocol for a randomised controlled study (Thermic-3).
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial comparing controlled reoxygenation and standard cardiopulmonary bypass in paediatric cardiac surgery.
Academic Article Outcomes following aortic valve procedures in 201 complex congenital heart disease cases-results from the UK National Audit.
Academic Article The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on adult cardiac surgery and suggestions for safe continuation throughout the pandemic: a review of expert opinions.
Academic Article Systematic review and meta-analysis of mortality risk prediction models in adult cardiac surgery.
Academic Article The impact of surgical training on early and long-term outcomes after isolated aortic valve surgery.
Academic Article Prediction of Bleeding in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Using Clinical Characteristics and Prospective Coagulation Test Results.

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