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Academic Article Prevention of youth violence: sustaining our attention and effort.
Academic Article Inpatient psychiatric treatment: should we revive a shrinking system?
Academic Article Learning to observe in context: child and adolescent inpatient mental health assessment.
Academic Article Challenges faced by inpatient child/adolescent psychiatric nurses.
Academic Article Reducing reactive aggression by lowering coping demands and boosting regulation: five key staff behaviors.
Academic Article Building a child mental health workforce: what vision are we working toward?
Academic Article Nursing in child psychiatric milieus: Part I: What nurses do.
Academic Article Nursing in child psychiatric milieus: Part II: Mapping conceptual footholds.
Academic Article Calming an escalated psychiatric milieu.
Academic Article The potential value of small responses and partial solutions.
Academic Article Time-out: an overused and misused milieu intervention.
Academic Article Special edition on inpatient treatment: A new annual tradition.
Academic Article Patient Safety In Inpatient Psychiatry: A Remaining Frontier For Health Policy.
Academic Article Building a Child Mental Health Workforce for the 21st Century: Closing the Training Gap.
Academic Article International consensus on a standard set of outcome measures for child and youth anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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