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Concept Patient Education as Topic
Concept Patient-Centered Care
Concept Nurse-Patient Relations
Concept Patient Care Team
Concept Patient Discharge
Concept Professional-Patient Relations
Concept Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
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Concept Patient Isolation
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Concept Patient Care Planning
Academic Article Advanced practice psychiatric mental health nursing, finding our core: the therapeutic relationship in 21st century.
Academic Article Psychotherapy training: what ever happened to process?
Academic Article Competency-based training to create the 21st century mental health workforce: strides, stumbles, and solutions.
Academic Article The effect of intimate partner violence education on nurse practitioners' feelings of competence and ability to screen patients.
Academic Article Patient characteristics and setting variables related to use of restraint on four inpatient psychiatric units for youths.
Academic Article Milieu management of a child with bipolar illness.
Academic Article Evidence base for practice: reduction of restraint and seclusion use during child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient treatment.
Academic Article Following the affect: learning to observe emotional regulation.
Academic Article Learning to observe cognition, mastery, and control.
Academic Article Learning to observe relationships and coping.
Academic Article Top 10 milieu interventions for inpatient child/adolescent treatment.
Academic Article The recovery movement: defining evidence-based processes.
Academic Article Challenges faced by inpatient child/adolescent psychiatric nurses.
Academic Article Special edition: Inpatient psychiatric treatment: moving the science forward final.
Academic Article The peer specialist movement: an interview with Gayle Bluebird, RN (interview by Kathleen Delaney).
Academic Article Recovery paradigm: confession of the unenlightened.
Academic Article Educating the workforce who cares for the pediatric population.
Academic Article Integrated health care: strengthening nursing's voice.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nursing: a dialogue on the nature of our practice.
Academic Article On the APNA staffing position statement.
Academic Article Safety issues on British mental health wards.
Academic Article Moving to a recovery framework of care: focusing attention on process.
Academic Article Safety and inpatient psychiatric treatment: moving the science forward.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nurses: stigma issues we fail to see.
Academic Article Quality and safety graduate competencies in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner education.
Academic Article Getting serious about treatment engagement and partnership with families.
Academic Article Metasynthesis of research on the role of psychiatric inpatient nurses: what is important to staff?
Academic Article Reducing seclusion and restraint during child and adolescent inpatient treatment: still an underdeveloped area of research.
Academic Article American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) revision of its Position Statement on the Use of Seclusion and Restraint.
Academic Article Development and testing of the combined assessment of psychiatric environments: a patient-centered quality measure for inpatient psychiatric treatment.
Academic Article Engagement as an Element of Safe Inpatient Psychiatric Environments.
Academic Article Improving Awareness of an Acute Psychiatric Unit's Capacity for Admission.
Academic Article Seven days and counting: how inpatient nurses might adjust their practice to brief hospitalization.
Academic Article Time-out: an overused and misused milieu intervention.
Academic Article Developing a restraint-reduction program for child/adolescent inpatient treatment.
Academic Article Implementation of a Health Indicator Monitoring System in an Assertive Community Treatment Team at a Community Outpatient Behavioral Health Organization.
Academic Article Evaluation of the use of a sensory room on an adolescent inpatient unit and its impact on restraint and seclusion prevention.
Academic Article Capturing the Interpersonal Process of Psychiatric Nurses: A Model for Engagement.
Academic Article Reproducibility of gastric emptying assessed with scintigraphy in patients with upper GI symptoms.
Academic Article Nursing in child psychiatric milieus: What nurses do: An update.
Academic Article How can nurses reclaim the inpatient research agenda?
Academic Article A Call to Action From the APNA Council for Safe Environments: Defining Violence and Aggression for Research and Practice Improvement Purposes.
Academic Article Patient Safety In Inpatient Psychiatry: A Remaining Frontier For Health Policy.
Academic Article Underestimating or overestimating the power of therapeutic nurse-patient interactions.
Academic Article Evaluation of Psychiatric Rehospitalization of Individuals Treated at a Federally Qualified Health Center.
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