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Concept Nurse-Patient Relations
Academic Article Advanced practice psychiatric mental health nursing, finding our core: the therapeutic relationship in 21st century.
Academic Article Psychotherapy training: what ever happened to process?
Academic Article The effect of intimate partner violence education on nurse practitioners' feelings of competence and ability to screen patients.
Academic Article Milieu management of a child with bipolar illness.
Academic Article Following the affect: learning to observe emotional regulation.
Academic Article Top 10 milieu interventions for inpatient child/adolescent treatment.
Academic Article Challenges faced by inpatient child/adolescent psychiatric nurses.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nursing: a dialogue on the nature of our practice.
Academic Article Psychiatric mental health nurses: stigma issues we fail to see.
Academic Article Metasynthesis of research on the role of psychiatric inpatient nurses: what is important to staff?
Academic Article Engagement as an Element of Safe Inpatient Psychiatric Environments.
Academic Article Time-out: an overused and misused milieu intervention.
Academic Article Developing a restraint-reduction program for child/adolescent inpatient treatment.
Academic Article Capturing the Interpersonal Process of Psychiatric Nurses: A Model for Engagement.
Academic Article Nursing in child psychiatric milieus: What nurses do: An update.
Academic Article How can nurses reclaim the inpatient research agenda?
Academic Article A Call to Action From the APNA Council for Safe Environments: Defining Violence and Aggression for Research and Practice Improvement Purposes.

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