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Concept Apolipoprotein E4
Academic Article APOEe4 and depression: following a winding road.
Academic Article Gene-environment interaction of body mass index and apolipoprotein E e4 allele on cognitive decline.
Academic Article Gene-behavior interaction of depressive symptoms and the apolipoprotein E {varepsilon}4 allele on cognitive decline.
Academic Article Role of APOE e4 Allele and Incident Stroke on Cognitive Decline and Mortality.
Academic Article Racial Differences in the Association Between Apolipoprotein E Risk Alleles and Overall and Total Cardiovascular Mortality Over 18 Years.
Academic Article Cognitive Aging in Black and White Americans: Cognition, Cognitive Decline, and Incidence of Alzheimer Disease Dementia.
Academic Article Blood pressure and risk of incident Alzheimer's disease dementia by antihypertensive medications and APOE e4 allele.
Academic Article Apolipoprotein E Genotypes, Age, Race, and Cognitive Decline in a Population Sample.
Academic Article Race, APOE?4, and Long-Term Cognitive Trajectories in a Biracial Population Sample.
Academic Article Impact of the Apolipoprotein E e4 Allele on the Relationship Between Healthy Lifestyle and Cognitive Decline: A Population-Based Study.
Academic Article Genetic risk, adherence to a healthy lifestyle, and cognitive decline in African Americans and European Americans.
Academic Article APOE Effects on Late Life Cognitive Trajectories in Diverse Racial/Ethnic Groups.
Academic Article Association of Subjective Memory Complaints With White Matter Hyperintensities and Cognitive Decline Among Older Adults in Chicago, Illinois.
Academic Article Race and Apolipoprotein E-e4 Allele Status Differences in the Association Between Loneliness and Cognitive Decline.
Academic Article Effects of Sex, APOE4, and Lifestyle Activities on Cognitive Reserve in Older Adults.
Academic Article Association of Vitamin E and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults with and without the APOE?4 Allele: A Biracial Population-Based Community Study.
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