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Concept Clinical Laboratory Techniques
Academic Article Patients seen for standard rheumatoid arthritis care have significantly better articular, radiographic, laboratory, and functional status in 2000 than in 1985.
Academic Article Advantages and limitations of quantitative measures to assess rheumatoid arthritis: joint counts, radiographs, laboratory tests, and patient questionnaires.
Academic Article Patient questionnaires and formal education as more significant prognostic markers than radiographs or laboratory tests for rheumatoid arthritis mortality--limitations of a biomedical model to predict long-term outcomes.
Academic Article Can RAPID3, an index without formal joint counts or laboratory tests, serve to guide rheumatologists in tight control of rheumatoid arthritis in usual clinical care?
Academic Article A biopsychosocial model to complement a biomedical model: patient questionnaire data and socioeconomic status usually are more significant than laboratory tests and imaging studies in prognosis of rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Laboratory tests to assess patients with rheumatoid arthritis: advantages and limitations.
Academic Article Flowsheets that include MDHAQ physical function, pain, global, and RAPID3 scores, laboratory tests, and medications to monitor patients with all rheumatic diseases: an electronic database for an electronic medical record.
Academic Article Are patient questionnaire scores as "scientific" as laboratory tests for rheumatology clinical care?
Academic Article Can remission in rheumatoid arthritis be assessed without laboratory tests or a formal joint count? possible remission criteria based on a self-report RAPID3 score and careful joint examination in the ESPOIR cohort.
Academic Article Documenting the value of care for rheumatoid arthritis, analogous to hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia: is control of individual patient self-report measures of global estimate and physical function more valuable than laboratory tests, radiographs, indices, or remission criteria?

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