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Concept Ecosystem
Academic Article Local immigration, competition from dominant guilds, and the ecological assembly of high-diversity pine savannas.
Academic Article Does pyrogenicity protect burning plants?
Academic Article Disentangling the importance of ecological niches from stochastic processes across scales.
Academic Article Disentangling the drivers of ß diversity along latitudinal and elevational gradients.
Academic Article Small-scale variation in fuel loads differentially affects two co-dominant bunchgrasses in a species-rich pine savanna.
Academic Article Inferring local ecological processes amid species pool influences.
Academic Article Plant diversity increases with the strength of negative density dependence at the global scale.
Academic Article Negative density dependence mediates biodiversity-productivity relationships across scales.
Academic Article Integrating species traits into species pools.
Academic Article Overdispersed Spatial Patterning of Dominant Bunchgrasses in Southeastern Pine Savannas.
Academic Article Response to Comment on "Plant diversity increases with the strength of negative density dependence at the global scale".
Academic Article Accurate forest projections require long-term wood decay experiments because plant trait effects change through time.
Academic Article The evolutionary assembly of forest communities along environmental gradients: recent diversification or sorting of pre-adapted clades?
Academic Article Global maps of soil temperature.
Academic Article North American tree migration paced by climate in the West, lagging in the East.

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