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Concept Nursing Process
Concept Education, Nursing, Continuing
Concept Nursing Methodology Research
Concept Nursing Records
Concept Nursing Care
Concept Nursing
Concept Nursing Research
Concept Nursing Staff
Concept Community Health Nursing
Concept Nursing Staff, Hospital
Concept Critical Care Nursing
Concept Clinical Nursing Research
Concept Geriatric Nursing
Concept Nursing Assessment
Concept Nursing Diagnosis
Concept Societies, Nursing
Concept Nursing Evaluation Research
Concept Home Nursing
Academic Article Effect of hospice nonprofessional caregiver barriers to pain management on adherence to analgesic administration recommendations and patient outcomes.
Academic Article Impaired cognition in the critically ill elderly patient: clinical implications.
Academic Article Cardiovascular disease. A men's health hazard.
Academic Article Acute confusional states in the elderly: an algorithm.
Academic Article Nursing standard-of-practice protocol: sleep disturbances in elderly patients. The NICHE Faculty.
Academic Article Acute confusion: nursing intervention in older patients.
Academic Article Acute confusion in the elderly.
Academic Article Nursing strategies for acute confusion in elders.
Academic Article Problems associated with underrecognition of delirium in critical care: a case study.
Academic Article Assessing cognitive function.
Academic Article Unanticipated results of continuity of care research with the elderly--Part 1: Design issues.
Academic Article Unanticipated results of continuity of care research with the elderly, Part 2--Health system issues.
Academic Article Delirium: comparison of four predictive models in hospitalized critically ill elderly patients.
Academic Article Delirium in the hospitalized elderly: nursing assessment and management.
Academic Article Medication safety: a protocol for nursing action. NICHE Faculty.
Academic Article Standard of practice protocol: acute confusion/delirium. NICHE Faculty.
Academic Article A nurse-led interdisciplinary intervention program for delirium in elderly hip-fracture patients.
Academic Article Nurses' recognition of delirium and its symptoms: comparison of nurse and researcher ratings.
Academic Article Delirium in elderly patients: an overview of the state of the science.
Academic Article Documentation of delirium in elderly patients with hip fracture.
Academic Article The Strain of Care for Delirium Index: a new instrument to assess nurses' strain in caring for patients with delirium.
Academic Article Psychometric properties of the Flemish translation of the NEECHAM Confusion Scale.
Academic Article Hospital readmission from home health care before and after prospective payment.
Academic Article Multicomponent intervention strategies for managing delirium in hospitalized older people: systematic review.
Academic Article Cognitive assessment and differentiating the 3 Ds (dementia, depression, delirium).
Academic Article Detection of delirium by bedside nurses using the confusion assessment method.
Academic Article Recognizing quiet delirium.
Academic Article Delirium, nursing practice and the future.
Academic Article Nurses' recognition of delirium in the hospitalized older adult.
Academic Article Nurses' responses to do-not-resuscitate orders in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Academic Article Intensive Care Unit Nurses' Beliefs About Delirium Assessment and Management.
Academic Article Midwest Nursing Research Society News.

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