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Academic Article Measuring spiritual well-being in people with cancer: the functional assessment of chronic illness therapy--Spiritual Well-being Scale (FACIT-Sp).
Academic Article Trusting God and medicine: spirituality in advanced cancer patients volunteering for clinical trials of experimental agents.
Academic Article A 3-factor model for the FACIT-Sp.
Academic Article Religion and healthy lifestyle behaviors among postmenopausal women: the women's health initiative.
Academic Article Screening for religious/spiritual struggle in blood and marrow transplant patients.
Academic Article Race differences in the association of spiritual experiences and life satisfaction in older age.
Academic Article Religion, spirituality, and health outcomes in cancer: A case for a meta-analytic investigation.
Academic Article A meta-analytic approach to examining the correlation between religion/spirituality and mental health in cancer.
Academic Article A meta-analytic review of religious or spiritual involvement and social health among cancer patients.
Academic Article Religion, spirituality, and physical health in cancer patients: A meta-analysis.
Academic Article Re-examining the Contributions of Faith, Meaning, and Peace to Quality of Life: a Report from the American Cancer Society's Studies of Cancer Survivors-II (SCS-II).
Academic Article Palliative Care and Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke: A Policy Statement From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.
Academic Article Spiritual or religious struggle in hematopoietic cell transplant survivors.
Academic Article Religious/Spiritual Struggle in Young Adult Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Survivors.
Academic Article Can you measure a sunbeam with a ruler?
Academic Article A case for including spirituality in quality of life measurement in oncology.
Academic Article Trajectories of spiritual well-being in long-term survivors of cancer: A report from the American Cancer Society's Studies of Cancer Survivors-I.
Academic Article Development of the PC-7, a Quantifiable Assessment of Spiritual Concerns of Patients Receiving Palliative Care Near the End of Life.
Academic Article The Association of Surrogate Decision Makers' Religious and Spiritual Beliefs With End-of-Life Decisions.
Academic Article Chaplaincy Care in the MICU: Describing the Spiritual Care Provided to MICU Patients and Families at the End of Life.

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