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Academic Article Health care chaplaincy as a research-informed profession: how we get there.
Academic Article Physicians' experience and satisfaction with chaplains: a national survey.
Academic Article Chaplains and quality improvement: can we make our case by improving our care?
Academic Article Introducing chaplains to research: "this could help me".
Academic Article The role of professional chaplains on pediatric palliative care teams: perspectives from physicians and chaplains.
Academic Article Making our case(s).
Academic Article Ethical issues in case study publication: "making our case(s)" ethically.
Academic Article A survey of chaplains' roles in pediatric palliative care: integral members of the team.
Academic Article Educating chaplains for research literacy: results of a national survey of clinical pastoral education residency programs.
Academic Article Screening for spiritual distress in the oncology inpatient: a quality improvement pilot project between nurses and chaplains.
Academic Article Chaplaincy and mental health in the department of Veterans affairs and department of defense.
Academic Article Struggle with the divine in Swiss patients visited by chaplains: prevalence and correlates.
Academic Article Teaching research in clinical pastoral education: a survey of model practices.
Academic Article Evidence-based chaplaincy care: attitudes and practices in diverse healthcare chaplain samples.
Academic Article Transcending differences to study the transcendent: an exploratory study of researchers' and chaplains' reflections on interdisciplinary spiritual care research collaboration.
Academic Article Education for Professional Chaplains: Should Certification Competencies Shape Curriculum?
Academic Article Health Care Chaplaincy: A Scoping Review of the Evidence 2009-2014.
Academic Article Hospitalized psychiatric and medical patients and the clergy.
Academic Article International Study of Chaplains' Attitudes About Research.
Academic Article Chaplains Working in Palliative Care: Who They Are and What They Do.
Academic Article Examining the Validity of the Rush Protocol to Screen for Religious/Spiritual Struggle.
Academic Article Recent Progress in Chaplaincy-Related Research.
Academic Article Research Priorities for Healthcare Chaplaincy: Views of U.S. Chaplains.
Academic Article Using Chaplains to Facilitate Advance Care Planning in Medical Practice.
Academic Article The religious needs and resources of psychiatric inpatients.
Academic Article What Do Chaplains Do: The Views of Palliative Care Physicians, Nurses, and Social Workers.
Academic Article Distress and self-care among chaplains working in palliative care.
Academic Article Dignity Therapy Led by Nurses or Chaplains for Elderly Cancer Palliative Care Outpatients: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Can Outcome Research Respect the Integrity of Chaplaincy? A Review of Outcome Studies.
Academic Article Study of Shadowing Experiences among Chaplains in the Coleman Palliative Medicine Fellowship.
Academic Article Development of the PC-7, a Quantifiable Assessment of Spiritual Concerns of Patients Receiving Palliative Care Near the End of Life.
Academic Article Training Healthcare Chaplains: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
Academic Article Mapping the healthcare chaplaincy workforce: a baseline description.
Academic Article Education for professional chaplaincy in the US: mapping current practice in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).
Academic Article Chaplaincy Care in the MICU: Describing the Spiritual Care Provided to MICU Patients and Families at the End of Life.
Academic Article Management and leadership competencies among spiritual care managers.
Academic Article What organizational and business models underlie the provision of spiritual care in healthcare organizations? An initial description and analysis.
Academic Article Examining the Association Between Chaplain Care and Patient Experience.
Academic Article Improving End of Life Cancer Outcomes Through Development and Implementation of a Spiritual Care Advocate Program.
Academic Article How Do Healthcare Executives Understand and Make Decisions about Spiritual Care Provision?
Academic Article Patients' and Loved Ones' Expectations of Chaplain Services.
Academic Article Chaplain Leadership During COVID-19: An International Expert Panel.
Academic Article Examining Factors Associated with Utilization of Chaplains in the Acute Care Setting.

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