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Concept Microbubbles
Academic Article The powerful microbubble: from bench to bedside, from intravascular indicator to therapeutic delivery system, and beyond.
Academic Article A retrospective comparison of mortality in critically ill hospitalized patients undergoing echocardiography with and without an ultrasound contrast agent.
Academic Article Molecular imaging of inflammation and intraplaque vasa vasorum: a step forward to identification of vulnerable plaques?
Academic Article Ultrasound-mediated targeted drug delivery: recent success and remaining challenges.
Academic Article Ultrasound-directed, site-specific gene delivery.
Academic Article Drug and Gene Delivery using Sonoporation for Cardiovascular Disease.
Academic Article Contrast echocardiography: effects of microbubbles on coronary blood flow and left ventricular hemodynamics.
Academic Article Echocardiographic contrast agents: effect of microbubbles and carrier solutions on left ventricular contractility.
Academic Article Effect of intracoronary injections of sonicated microbubbles on left ventricular contractility.
Academic Article Microbubble dynamics visualized in the intact capillary circulation.
Academic Article More on advances in imaging angiogenesis and inflammation in atherosclerosis.
Academic Article New Applications in Echocardiography for Ultrasound Contrast Agents in the 21st Century.
Academic Article Myocardial risk area and peak gray level measurement by contrast echocardiography: effect of microbubble size and concentration, injection rate, and coronary vasodilation.

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